FAI News 04/05

CIEA Plenary Meeting / Réunion annuelle de la CIEA FAI/IGC Gliding Weeks in Northern Hemisphere And The World Could Fly New World Record Claims / Competition Update

CIEA Plenary Meeting

The FAI Aviation & Space Education Commission (CIEA) held its Annual Plenary Meeting on 17 and 18 June 2005 at the Aéro-Club de France and at the Le Bourget Air & Space Museum in Paris.

CIEA contribution to FAI's Centenary : CIEA President Raymond J. JOHNSON reported on the CDROM "An International Collection of Aviation Art from 1986 to 2004", containing winning paintings of the FAI Young Artists Contest. The production of this archive was made possible thanks to the cooperation and work of students and staff of the Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Prescott, AZ (USA). To contribute to the promotion of air sports amongst young people, free copies of the CDROM are available for FAI Members (sec@fai.org).

Elections : Mr Michiel M. W. KASTELEIJN (NED) was elected as the new CIEA President, replacing Mr Raymond J. JOHNSON (USA), who presided over the Commission for the last 5 years, and was unanimously elected President of Honour. Mr Gordon HOFF (USA) was elected as 1st Vice-President, while Contessa Maria Fede CAPRONI (ITA) was elected as 2nd Vice-President and Raymond J. JOHNSON as Secretary.

FAI Young Artists Contest : The International Jury met in Paris to determine the winners of the 2005 Contest, whose theme was "Create an Airshow Poster - More than 100 years of human flight". Click here to view results and winning paintings. The theme of the 2006 Contest will be "Air Sports and Nature in Harmony"; updated rules and interpretation of the theme will be published on CIEA Webpages as soon as available.

Awards : The Nile Gold Medal was awarded to Mr Raymond J. JOHNSON (USA) in recognition for his lifetime contributions and achievements for the advancement and enhancement of aviation and space education.

Next Plenary Meeting : Lausanne (SUI), 28 and 29 April 2006

Réunion annuelle de la CIEA

La Commission d'éducation aéronautique et spatiale de la FAI (CIEA) a tenu son assemblée annuelle les 17 et 18 juin 2005 à l'Aéro-Club de France et au Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace du Bourget à Paris.

Contribution de la CIEA au Centenaire FAI : le Président Raymond J. JOHNSON a présenté le CDROM "An International Collection of Aviation Art from 1986 to 2004", qui contient les dessins gagnants du Concours de jeunes artistes FAI. La réalisation de ce projet a été rendue possible grâce au travail d'étudiants et de collaborateurs de l'Université aéronautique Embry-Riddle, Prescott, AZ (USA). Les organisations membres de la FAI souhaitant utiliser ce CDROM pour promouvoir les sports aériens auprès des jeunes, peuvent l'obtenir gratuitement auprès de la FAI (sec@fai.org).

Elections : M. Michiel M. W. KASTELEIJN (NED) a été élu comme nouveau Président de la CIEA, en remplacement de M. Raymond J. JOHNSON (USA), qui a officié à ce poste au cours des 5 dernières années, et qui a été élu Président d'honneur à l'unanimité. M. Gordon HOFF (USA) a été élu 1er Vice-Président, Mme la Comtesse Maria Fede CAPRONI (ITA) 2ème Vice-Présidente, et Raymond J. JOHNSON Secrétaire.

Concours de jeunes artistes FAI : le jury international s'est réuni à Paris afin de déterminer les vainqueurs du concours 2005, dont le thème était "Créer l'affiche d'un meeting aérien - L'homme vole depuis plus de 100 ans". Cliquer ici pour obtenir les résultats et voir les dessins gagnants. Le thème de l'édition 2006 du Concours sera "Les sports aériens en harmonie avec la nature"; le réglement du concours et la description détaillée du thème seront prochainement publiés sur les pages Internet de la CIEA.

Médailles : la Médaille d'or du Nil a été attribuée à M. Raymond J. JOHNSON (USA) en reconnaissance pour son engagement exceptionnel qui a permis de contribuer au développement et à l'amélioration de l'éducation aéronautique et spatiale.

Prochaine réunion annuelle : Lausanne (SUI), 28 et 29 avril 2006

FAI/IGC Gliding Weeks in Northern Hemisphere

During 2005, the year of FAI Centenary, all glider pilots around the world are invited by the IGC to track their kilometers flown during a specific period in each hemisphere.

The Southern Hemisphere period for the submission of flights was 29 January to 13 February 2005 (Results), while the Northern Hemisphere period will be from 9 to 24 July 2005.

For further information, please consult IGC Webpages or OLC Webpages.

And The World Could Fly

To celebrate the centenary of FAI, the International Hang Gliding and Paragliding Commission (CIVL) produced a new book titled And The World Could Fly

Edited by Stéphane Malbos and Noel Whittall, And The World Could Fly tells the story of how flying for the masses became a possibility, and then a reality with the rapid development of hang-gliding and paragliding. And the World Could Fly contains contributions from many parts of the world as well as much new writing. Together, the editors have more than fifty years of undiminished enthusiasm for foot-launched flight.

For further information, please refer to CIVL Webpages.

New World Record Claims

Some of the new World Record Claims recently received by FAI :

Class C - Aeroplanes / Claim numbers : 11665 and 11666
Sub-class : C-1c (Landplanes, take off weight 1000 to 1750 kg)
Group 1 : piston engine
Course/location : Marysville, CA (USA)
Pilot : John PARKER (USA)
Aircraft : Homebuilt Thunder Mustang
Date: 04.06.2005

Claim number : 11665
Type of record : Speed over a straight 3 km course at restricted altitude
Performance : 602 km/h
Current record : 555.33 km/h (13.09.2002 - Fred E. SCHRAMECK, USA)

Claim number : 11666
Type of record : Speed over a straight 15/25 km course
Performance : 597 km/h
Current record : 483.34 km/h (31.12.1999 - Richard A. VANDAM, USA)

Class E - Rotorcraft / Claim numbers : 11681 and 11682
Group 1 : piston engine, General Category
Type of record : Speed over a straight 15/25 km course
Course/location : Oslo (NOR)
Pilot : André EILERTSEN (NOR)
Performance : 208 km/h
Date: 09.06.2005

Claim number : 11681
Sub-class : E-1 (Helicopters)
Current record : new

Claim number : 11682
Sub-class : E-1b (Helicopters, take off weight 500 to 1000 kg)
Current record : 198.90 km/h (29.10.1963 - Bertram G. LEACH, USA)

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the record ratified (if appropriate).

For further information on World Records, please consult the latest news, including all claims pending ratification, at FAI World Records.

Competition Update

FAI recently received the following Championship results

14th European Hot Air Balloon Championship
Sport : Ballooning
Date : 22 to 29 May 2005
Location : Debrecen (HUN)
Final results / Official Webpages

Coming soon :

08.-17.07.05 / 4th FAI European Advanced Aerobatic Championship

03.-17.07.05 / 13th FAI European Gliding Championships (15m, Open Class)
09.-24.07.05 / 13th FAI European Gliding Championships (18m, Club, Standard)

03.-10.07.05 / 3rd IPC Anton Malevsky Memorial Int. Cup
03.-10.07.05 / 6th FAI Open European Formation Skydiving Championship
03.-10.07.05 / 2nd FAI Open European Freeflying Championship
03.-10.07.05 / 2nd FAI Women's European Formation Skydiving Championship
03.-10.07.05 / 4th FAI Open European Freestyle Skydiving & Skysurfing Champ.