FAI News 06/05

World Games 2005 - Jeux Mondiaux 2005 / New World Record Claims / Competition Update

World Games 2005

As announced in the last « FAI News », parachuting events featured amongst the top competitions in The World Games 2005, taking place in Duisburg, Germany, from 14 to 24 July 2005.

Eighty-two competitors representing 22 different countries competed from 15 to 17 July in Artistic Events (Freestyle Skydiving / Freeflying), Accuracy Landing, Formation Skydiving and Canopy Piloting.

Thanks to the superb infrastructure put in place by the Duisburg organisers, and to the discipline and skill of the athletes, the parachuting events went off very successfully, attracting some 8000 spectators during the 3-day competition.

The FAI President, Pierre PORTMANN, was honoured to welcome amongst the spectators Dr Jacques ROGGE, President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Ron FROEHLICH, President of the International World Games Association, and Mr. Hein VERBRUGGEN, Acting President of GAISF (General Association of International Sports Federations).

We would like to thank the Organisers and Officials of The World Games 2005 for all their work, and to congratulate all the parachuting athletes for their outstanding achievements and fair-play.

Useful links for The World Games 2005 :
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Opening Ceremony

Cérémonie d'ouverture

Presidents' Meeting : Messrs Portmann, Rogge and Froehlich

FAI President discussing with IOC President

Canopy Piloting

Accuracy Landing

Jeux Mondiaux 2005

Comme annoncé dans notre dernière "FAI News", les épreuves de parachutisme figuraient parmi les premières compétitions des Jeux Mondiaux, qui se déroulent du 14 au 24 juillet 2005 à Duisburg, en Allemagne.

Les 15, 16 et 17 juillet, 82 compétiteurs représentants 22 nations différentes se sont affrontés au cours d'épreuves artististiques (Freestyle Skydiving / Freeflying), de précision d'atterrissage, de vol relatif et de pilotage sous voile.

Grâce à l'excellente infrastructure mise à disposition par les organisateurs de Duisburg, à la discipline et aux compétences élevées de nos athlètes, les compétitions de parachutisme se sont déroulées dans de très bonnes conditions, et ont attiré quelque 8000 spectateurs au cours des trois journées de compétition.

Parmi les spectateurs des compétitions de parachutisme, le Président de la FAI Pierre PORTMANN a eu l'honneur de saluer le Dr Jacques ROGGE, Président du Comité International Olympique, M. Ron FROEHLICH, Président de l'IWGA, et M. Hein VERBRUGGEN, Président en exercice de l'AGFIS (Association Générale des Fédérations Internationales Sportives).

Nous tenons ici à remercier les organisateurs et les officiels des Jeux Mondiaux 2005 pour tout le travail qu'ils ont accompli, et félicitons tous les athlètes de la FAI pour les performances sportives qu'ils ont réalisées dans un excellent esprit de compétition.

Liens utiles sur les Jeux Mondiaux 2005 :
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Reportage en images : voir ci-dessus

New World Record Claims

Some of the new World Record Claims recently received by FAI :

Class F - Model Aircraft / Claim number : 11792
Sub-class : F2C - Aeroplane (Team racing), piston motor
Category : F2 - Control line circular flight
Type of record : N°057 - Speed (100 laps)
Course/location : Gyula (HUN)
Performance : 3min 04.3 sec
Competitors : Valeriy KRAMARENKO, Yuriy CHAYKA (UKR)
Date: 18.07.2005
Current record : 3 min 9.6 sec (09.07.2004 - Pascal SURUGUE, France)

Class G - Parachuting / Claim number : 11794
Sub-class : G-1 (Individual jumps) / Performance / Individual records / Feminine Category
Type of record : G-1-B - Landing accuracy with 0.03 metre disc
Course/location : Stupino (RUS)
Performance : 21 consecutive landings on dead center
Pilot : Liubov EKSHIKEEVA (RUS)
Date: 07.07.2005
Current record : 11 consecutive landings on dead center (03.07.2004 - Svetlana KLENINA, RUS)

Class D - Gliders / Claim number : 11795
Sub-class : DU (Ultralight Gliders), General Category
Type of record : Free Distance
Course/location : Zapata, TX (USA)
Performance : 972.04 km
Pilot : William G. OSOBA Jr. (USA)
Glider : Silent II
Date: 18.07.2005
Current record : 627.60 km (09.07.2004 - Leonardo R. BENETTI-LONGHINI, USA)

Class O - Hang Gliders / Claim number : 11796
Sub-class : O-2 (HG with a rigid primary structure / movable control surface(s))
General Category
Type of record : Straight distance
Course/location : Zapata, TX (USA)
Performance : 688.7 km
Pilot : Robin HAMILTON (UK)
Hang Glider : Aeriane Swift
Date: 18.07.2005
Current record : 655.0 km (18.07.2001 - Davis STRAUB, USA)

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the record ratified (if appropriate).

For further information on World Records, please consult the latest news, including all claims pending ratification, at FAI World Records.

Competition Update

FAI recently received the following Championship results :

The World Games 2005
Sport : Parachuting
Date : 15 to 17 July 2005
Location : Duisburg (GER)
Final Results / Official Webpages

2005 FAI Anton Malevsky Memorial International Cup
Competitions :

2nd FAI Open European Freeflying Championship
4th FAI Open European Freestyle Skydiving & Skysurfing
2nd FAI Women's European Formation Skydiving Championship
6th FAI Open European Formation Skydiving Championship
Sport : Parachuting
Date : 3 to 7 July 2005
Location : Stupino (RUS)
Final Results / Official Webpages
Note : A VHS video tape and DVD containing raw unedited competition jumps (no music), 2005 competition rules and scores will be available soon. This material might useful to train new judges and/or to grow the skills of competitors. Production : Tamara Koyn. Click here for additional information and order form.

4th FAI Advanced European Aerobatic Championships
Sport : Aerobatics
Date : 8 to 17 July 2005
Location : Hradec Kralove (CZE)
Final Results / Official Webpages

13th FAI European Gliding Championships
Sport : Gliding
Date : 3 to 17 July 2005
Location : Räyskälä (FIN)
Final Results / Official Webpages
Note : For the first time in an FAI Gliding Championship, a task of more than 1000 km was flown !

Coming soon :


26.-28.08.05 / 22nd FAI World Grand Prix / FAI Centenary, Lausanne

See : FAI Sporting Calendar for Aeromodelling

04.-07.08.05 / 13ème Coupe d'Europe de Montgolfières & 16th Ladies World Cup

General Aviation
03.-14.08.05 / 12th FAI European Precision Flying Championship
03.-14.08.05 / 6th FAI European Rally Flying Championship

06.-20.08.05 / 4th FAI Junior World Gliding Championship

Hang Gliding & Paragliding
08.-14.08.05 / 3rd FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship
17.-21.08.05 / 2005 Red Bull Vertigo

20.-27.08.05 / 10th FAI World Microlight Championships
20.-27.08.05 / 4th FAI World Microlight Powered Paraglider Championship

24.-28.08.05 / 1st FAI European Canopy Piloting Parachuting Championship
24.-28.08.05 / 3rd World Cup in Canopy Piloting

16.-21.08.05 / 12th FAI World Helicopter Championship