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FAI Centenary Airshow + 22nd FAI World Grand Prix Meeting du Centenaire FAI + 22ème Grand Prix Mondial FAI / World Team News / New World Record Claims / Competition Update

FAI Centenary Airshow + 22nd FAI World Grand Prix

On 26, 27 and 28 August 2005, the skies over Lausanne (SUI), the Olympic Capital hosting the FAI Headquarters, will be the scene of a big festival of flight comprising the FAI Centenary Airshow and the 22nd FAI World Grand Prix.

Affiche Meeting
Starting at 19h.00 on the evening of Friday 26 August, on the lake-side at Ouchy, the population of Lausanne and all aviation enthusiasts will be invited free of charge to watch some fantastic aerobatic displays. As part of the FAI World Grand Prix of Aviation competition, the display will include the Breitling Jet Team and the Patrouille Suisse, and the flight programme will end in apotheosis with a unique grand finale especially composed to honor the FAI Centenary.

The female Swiss Saxophone Quartet "Lily Horn Is Born", has composed an "Haute Voltige" Air Musical entitled "The Call of the Skies". Pilots will perform aerobatic manoeuvres to this live music, played from the terrace of the Olympic Museum.

The flying fun will continue during the weekend of Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 August at the Lausanne Airport (La Blécherette), where the "Fête de l'Aviation 2005" organizing committee has prepared an outstanding flying programme in honour of the FAI Centenary. Rounds of the 22nd FAI World Grand Prix will be part of the flying programme, and will include solo pilots as well as formations.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Aero-Club of Switzerland and its national air sports federations, all air sports will be presented to the public with in-flight demonstrations and static exhibitions (Hangar 4).

Full details of these events can be found at :
FAI Centenary Airshow : Fête de l'Aviation 2005 / FAI Centenary
FAI World Grand Prix : Haute Voltige / FAI Centenary

Meeting du Centenaire FAI + 22ème Grand Prix Mondial FAI

Les 26, 27 et 28 août 2005, le ciel de Lausanne (SUI), Capitale olympique hébergeant le siège mondial de la FAI, sera animé par un grand festival aérien gratuit composé du "Meeting du Centenaire FAI" et du 22ème Grand Prix Mondial FAI.

Les festivités commenceront le vendredi 26 août à 19h.00 sur les rives du lac à Ouchy. Dans le cadre du Grand Prix Mondial FAI, la population lausannoise et les passionnés d'aviation pourront admirer une magnifique démonstration de voltige aérienne, qui inclura notamment la patrouille Breitling Jet Team et la Patrouille Suisse, dont le programme de vol se terminera en apothéose par une figure "Finale Grande" unique et spécialement imaginée en l'honneur du centenaire de la FAI.

D'origine helvétique, le quartette féminin de saxophonistes "Lily Horn Is Born" a composé pour Haute Voltige une comédie musicale aérienne intitulée "The Call of the Skies". Le vendredi 26 août, des pilotes effectueront des figures de voltige sur cette musique, qui sera jouée en direct depuis la terrasse du Musée Olympique.

Ce festival aérien se poursuivra les samedi 27 et dimanche 28 août sur l'Aéroport de Lausanne - La Blécherette, où le public sera invité à suivre le magnifique programme de vol concocté par le comité d'organisation de la "Fête de l'Aviation 2005" en l'honneur du centenaire de la FAI. Les épreuves du 22ème Grand Prix Mondial FAI feront partie du programme de vol et incluront des pilotes solos et des patrouilles.

Grâce à la coopération de l'Aéro-Club de Suisse et de ses fédérations sportives nationales, tous les sports aériens seront présentés au public aussi bien en vol qu'en expositions statiques (Hangar 4).

Des informations détaillées sont disponibles aux adresses suivantes :
Meeting du Centenaire : Fête de l'Aviation 2005 / Centenaire FAI
FAI World Grand Prix : Haute Voltige / Centenaire FAI

World Team News

In a recent media release, "The World Team" Organizing Committee announced its intention to attempt a new World Record for the Largest Freefall Skydiving Formation (400-Way).

The record attempts will take place 26 January through 12 February 2006. For further details, please see "The World Team" website.

In addition, "The World Team" reported on their scheme to help Thai tsunami survivors by building 18 houses and a fish farm that is being run as a collective by 32 stricken families. For more information and photographs documenting these efforts, please see : www.thaiskyfestival.com.

New World Record Claims

Some of the new World Record Claims recently received by FAI :

Class R - Microlights / Claim number : 11809
Sub-class : RPF1 (Paraglider Control / Foot-launched / Flown with one person)
Type of record : Distance in a straight line with limited fuel
Course/location : Bleine (FRA)
Performance : 219 km
Pilot : Frédéric JACQUES (Monaco)
Paramotor : type to be advised
Date: 27.07.2005
Current record : 153.65 km (03.07.2001 - Etsushi MATSUO, JPN)

Class F - Model Aircraft / Claim number : 11811
Sub-class : F5-S (Aeroplane, electric motor, rechargeable sources of current)
F5 : Radio Controlled Flight Category
Type of record : N°174 - Distance to goal and return
Course/location : Nehatu - Vahastu and return (EST)
Performance : 80.43 km
Pilot : Jüri LAIDNA (EST)
Date: 30.07.2005
Current record : 68.9 km (06.11.2004 - Giorgio AZZALIN, USA)

Class D - Gliders / Claim number : 11812
Sub-class : DO (Open Class Gliders)
Feminine Category
Type of record : Distance using up to 3 turn points
Course/location : Serres (FRA)
Performance : 1 240 km
Pilot : Reiko MORINAKA (JPN)
Glider : Glaser-Dirks DG-400 M17
Date: 04.08.2005
Current record : none
Minimum achievement for the first record : 1 044 km

Class Astronautics - Space records / Claim number : 11813
Absolute records, General Category
Type of record : Assembled mass of spaceships linked in flight
Course/location : NASA Kennedy Space Center, FL (USA)
Performance : 294 850 kg
Crews : STS-114 and ISS crews members (International)
Spacecraft : Space Shuttle Orbiter "Discovery" & International Space Station
Date: 28.07.2005
Current record : 264 432.8 kg (18.10.2002 - STS-112 and ISS crews)

Class G - Parachuting / Claim number : 11814
Sub-class : G-2 (Group jumps), Competition / Team records
Feminine Category
Type of record : G-2-C2 - Formation Skydiving, longest sequence (4-Way)
Course/location : 2005 British National Championships, Hibaldstow (GBR)
Performance : 30 formations
Team : Airkix (GBR)
Skydivers : Claire SCOTT (GBR), Amanda KEMP (GBR), Emma HAMMERSLEY (GBR), Julia FOXWELL (GBR), Andy WRIGHT-camera (GBR)
Date: 31.07.2005
Current record : none

The details shown above are provisional. When all the evidence required has been received and checked, the exact figures will be established and the record ratified (if appropriate).

For further information on World Records, please consult the latest news, including all claims pending ratification, at FAI World Records.

Competition Update

FAI recently received the following Championship results :

2005 FAI European Control Line Aeromodelling Championship
Sport : Aeromodelling (F2 - Control Line)
Date : 16 to 23 July 2005
Location : Gyula (HUN)

Winners :
F2A - Speed Model Aircaft : Peter HALMAN (GBR)
F2A, Junior - Speed Model Aircaft : Luca GROSSI (ITA)
F2A, Team classification - Speed Model Aircraft : GBR
F2B - Aerobatics : Jiri VEJMOLA (CZE)
F2B, Junior - Aerobatics : Petr DURCAK (CZE)
F2B, Team classification - Aerobatics : SVK
F2C - Team Racing : Y. BONDARENKO & S. LERNER (UKR)
F2C, Team classification - Team Racing : UKR
F2D - Combat : Mike WHILLANCE (GBR)
F2D, Junior - Combat : Pavlo SADOMOV (UKR)
F2D, Team classification - Combat : GBR

11th FAI World Glider Aerobatic Championship
Sport : Aerobatics
Date : 20 to 30 July 2005
Location : Serpuchov (RUS)
Final results / Official Webpages

15th FAI World Aeromodelling Championship F3B
Sport : Aeromodelling (F3 - Radio Controlled)
Date : 31 July to 6 August 2005
Location : Lappeenranta (FIN)
Final results and Official Webpages

6th FAI European Rally Flying Championship
Sport : General Aviation
Date : 8 to 13 August 2005
Location : Dubnica nad Vahom (SVK)
Final results

12th FAI European Precision Flying Championship
Sport : General Aviation
Date : 8 to 13 August 2005
Location : Dubnica nad Vahom (SVK)
Final results

11th FAI World Aeromodelling Championship F3C
Sport : Aeromodelling (F3 - Radio Controlled)
Date : 4 to 14 August 2005
Location : Zamora (ESP)
Final results and Official Webpages

Coming soon :


See : FAI Sporting Calendar for Aeromodelling

02.-11.09.05 / 1st FAI World Sailplane Grand Prix

29.08.-04.09.05 / 4th FAI European Style & Accuracy Parachuting Champ.
29.08.-04.09.05 / 1st FAI Junior European Style & Acc. Parachuting Champ.