International Parachuting Championships & Gulf Cup, Dubai, Emirates - Closing Ceremony

We were treated to a dramatic Closing Ceremony last night which commenced with a flag jump of great precision by members of the UAE team, followed by yet another dramatic heart stopping flying display by Zoltan and his extraordinary aerobatic routine.

Two different formation skydiving loads built formations, the first of the palm and the second F 3 (Fazza3), another flying show and then the Prize giving. By then it was getting very dark. The prize giving was attended by one of the younger brothers of the Crown Prince of Dubai.


Very proud of her dad, Marat Leiras with daughter and Award

Very proud of her dad, Marat Leiras with daughter and Award

The closing banquet on tables set out on a DZ turned into an amazing arabic terrace, with backdrop, statues and more food than even a load of skydivers could eat. Add to that a superb band playing great music.

There was even alcohol available. A magical end to a great competition. Not to forget a fabulous firework display. We will be back next year!

I have had a wonderful time in Dubai, judging both Canopy Piloting and Formation Skydiving and posting onto this site. I could not have managed it without the help of Fay Kimble, back in France, who tidied up my work and put together the photo compilations. Thanks also to Dirk Ventner - for provision of the scoring system and upload of results and his partner Claire King for the upload of the FS videos - its not finished - thanks also to PD's Albert Berchtold for providing the "classic" accuracy results and generally being very helpful - and last, but not least, all those who provided pictures, hopefully we have given you all credit for them - after all this web site is yours - the skydiving community.

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