The OSTIV Mountain Wave Project wins a European Meteorological Society Award

mountain wave project award 2011The Mountain Wave Project (MWP) received the Outreach & Communication Award of the European Meteorological Society (EMS) at the 10th European Conference on Applications of Meteorology.

The Mountain Wave Project is a project of the scientific and meteorological panel of the Organisation Scientifique et Technique Internationale du Vol à Voile (OSTIV) which is an International Affiliated Member of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale.

The EMS Outreach & Communication Award is given in recognition of projects that explore new and effective ways to communicate the science of meteorology, climatology and related fields to the general public.

The EMS Jury commented that the MWP TV-documentary “Rodeo in the Sky – Research for greater flight safety” impressively linked the MWP activities to earlier scientific initiatives and achievements thanks to its unique historical movie sequences of mountain wave exploration dating back to 80 years and to its images of the famous Jet Stream Project describing the “Monster Rotor” in the Sierra Nevada which caused several aviation incidents in the past.

Directly after the award ceremony, MWP Director René Heise gave an overview of the main topics of the project and provided information on the new Himalaya expedition.

More information at www.mountain-wave-project.com