Martin Rutty and Simon Lichtenstein

It is with great sadness that CIG has been informed of the tragic loss of two British pilots in a helicopter crash in the South of France on 9th December 2010. Martin Rutty and Simon Lichtenstein were a highly respected team competing at the highest levels of World and Open Championships for more than 10 years.

Both had been flying helicopters for many years and highly experienced.

Martin and Simon were family men. The Commission’s condolences, sympathy and support go out to the family’s in their tragic loss.


FAI President hails Tochigi Championship a success

Having returned to Sweden after taking part in the Tochigi Hot Air Balloon International Championship as a private competitor, FAI President Dr. John Grubbström shares his impressions of the competition.

"It has been a very competitive Championship, with the very best pilots in attendance, including World Champion Johnny Petrehn, and I must say that I have been impressed by the high level of the observers: they were really world class."


Interview with Hans Gutmann, new President of the General Aviation Commission

Elected GAC President at the recent GAC 2010 Annual Meeting, Hans – or Johann - Gutmann is a well known figure of the General Aviation and Amateur-Built Aircraft world.


Hauk gives a last Aeromusicals performance before bowing out of talent show

Czech Aeromusicals pilot Martin Hauk made his exit from Czech and Slovakian talent show “Talentmania” in the final last Sunday.

During the final show featuring the best 8 performers of the year, Hauk was not selected in the top 2 positions despite showing the full extent of his talent in another great performance.


Microlight Commission 2010 Annual Meeting

Here are the main decisions that have been taken during the CIMA 2010 Annual Meeting held on 12 and 13 November 2010:

Future competitions
14th FAI World Microlight
Awarded to : Royal Spanish Aeronautics Federation (location to be announced)
Dates : August 11th to 18th , 2012

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New FAI caps in the e-shop

We are glad to announce that the long-requested FAI caps are now available from the FAI e-shop !


General Aviation Commission 2010 Annual Meeting

Here are the main decisions that have been taken during the GAC 2010 Annual Meeting held on 29 and 30 October 2010:

Future competitions
20th FAI World Precision Flying Championship
Awarded to : Brits (RSA)
Dates : 23 to 29 October 2011

8th FAI European Rally Flying Championship
Awarded to : Dunakeszi (HUN)
Dates : 29 Aug to 3 September 2011

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The FAI ratifies Solar Impulse's World Records

First Night Flight - Solar Impulse Juillet 2010 -grand format 512The FAI has officially recognised three World Records achieved during a Solar Impulse's flight.


AeroMusicals pilot shines at talent show

Czech AeroMusicals pilot and competitor Martin Hauk is creating a stir on Talentmania, the talent show of TV Nova, the most popular Czech TV channel, and Markiza, a Slovak TV channel.


New FAI President and Executive Board elected

John Grubbström has become the new FAI President following his election at the FAI General Conference held from 5 to 10 October 2010 in Dublin. John Grubbström succeeded Pierre Portmann, who stepped down from the FAI Presidency after six years in office and was elected FAI President of Honour.


Bidding for the World Air Games 2013 now open

The FAI has today announced the start of the bid process for the World Air Games 2013. FAI Members, cities, regions, event organisers or commercial bodies from all over the world are invited to participate. Expressions of interest must be submitted to the FAI by no later than 30 November 2010.


Aviation contributors celebrated at the 2010 FAI Awards Ceremony

2001-Fai-TomMcC  0064Highlight of the Opening Ceremony for the 104th FAI General Conference held this year in Dublin, the 2010 FAI Awards Ceremony celebrated yesterday night an array of air sports personalities and entities from all over the world.

With bestowing awards, the FAI aims to honour and recognise all those who have significantly contributed to aeronautics and astronautics, especially to sporting aviation.