The 25th FAI World Aerobatic Championship live on Internet

FAI media partner Flying Aces Ltd today confirmed that the Internet sports TV channel airsports.tv would host exclusive live online coverage of the 25th FAI World Aerobatic Championship on 28 and 29 August 2009.

This will be the first time that live broadcast of the FAI World Aerobatic Championship will be available online.


The World Games Kaohsiung 2009 is open

On 16 July, The World Games have been formally declared open by Mr. Ma Ying-jeou, President of Chinese Taipei, after a spectacular ceremony in the brand new Kaohsiung stadium.


100th Anniversary of the Aero Club of the Czech Republic

The original Aero Club of the Czech Republic was founded in the autumn of 1909, but it was after the First World War, in March 1919, that the renamed Czechoslovak Aviation Club first became a member of the Fédération Aéronautique Internationale (FAI), again changing its name after the Second World War to Aero Club of Czechoslovakia. The Aero Club of the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic then broke up after the Velvet Revolution in November 1989.


Summary of the World Air Games parachuting events

Susan Dixon offers a round-up of the parachuting events of the FAI World Air Games 2009 on the homepage of the FAI Parachuting Commission.

Recruitment process for new FAI Secretary General

The process of recruiting a new FAI Secretary General for the beginning of 2010 is now under way.

The Candidate Brief for the post can be found here (.pdf 90Kb).

Applications for the job and any questions relating to the recruitment process should be addressed to Odgers Berndtson as indicated in the Candidate Brief, and should not be sent to the FAI.

Mission completed - Helicopter flying at its very best

The weather Gods looked kindly upon us for the spectacular final day of the helicopter events. There was great tension among the local crowd who had come to watch; would the Italian crew maintain its position in the midst of the more highly experienced and medal-winning Russian crews? In short, yes; the Italians were able to celebrate great success and managed to secure themselves a podium place.


Paramotoring has a new World Air Games champion

At last the Paramotor pilots have their gold medal winner of the World Air Games: Michel Rouanet from France, who overcame the Canadian Laurent Salinas in a nail-biting final. In third place was Alexandre Mateos from France. Rouanet flew a very quick time and is able to put in a claim for a new championship record for the Clover Leaf Slalom - 38,596 seconds from first to last pole. The battle for third and fourth place was quickly decided when the Polish pilot Piotr Trzinsky touched a pylon and was forced to land.

Paragliding accuracy draws to a close

It’s really hotting up in Avigliana, and not only because of the weather! Thanks to superb organisation of logistics, the Paragliding Accuracy competition completed two rounds on Friday, bringing it back on schedule for a final, sixth round on Saturday. And what a day! The results so far are showing some surprises in that neither the current World and European Champion, nor the world ranking points leader in the top 4.


Aeromodelling Aeromusicals at Palaruffini

The citizens of Turin and participants in other airsports at the World Air Games are being treated to an unrivalled spectacle in the indoor arena at Palaruffini. The aeromodelling commission of the FAI (CIAM) has developed a set of rules to promote the very exciting and affordable sport of building and flying indoor model aircraft.


Ballooning - final day and the excitement builds

We are in the last day of the ballooning competition of the World Air Games 2009. It has been a very exciting week with another exciting day today to finish the Championship.


Glider and Balloon live tracking

For the first time in the World Air Games, spectators are able to follow the Glider racing and Hot Air Balloon action live and in real time. Using a system of satellite trackers linked to the Iridium satellite network, coupled to a series of computers in both Mondovi (Ballooning) and Turin (Gliding), spectators can follow every tactical decision made by the pilots during the race.


Paramotor Basketball Slalom first round

After two attempts to get the paramotor competitions under way, both of which were thwarted by strong winds, the 22 pilots here at the Games were able to complete the first task.


Glider Racing Report Day 3

Thursday, 11th June 2009

The Third Gliding Grand Prix Race was held today from Turin with a task length of 137.9Km. The task took the pilots north east from the start along the western edge of the Susa Valley around a northern turn point at Lagola ( Lake Alice) and then back past the start line 53Km to Condove. From Condove competitors turned north again for a further 24Km to Bolangera and then a short 18.2Km to the finish.


Aeromodelling Hand Thrown Glider competition news

Qualification round; this was flown on Tuesday. In the early morning hours the thermals were not very strong and therefore the longest flight in the first group was only 201 seconds. The second group had better conditions and two pilots were able to fly for a full five minutes.