Aeromodelling Hand Thrown Glider competition news

Qualification round; this was flown on Tuesday. In the early morning hours the thermals were not very strong and therefore the longest flight in the first group was only 201 seconds. The second group had better conditions and two pilots were able to fly for a full five minutes.


Glider Racing Day 2

The second Gliding Grand Prix Race was held today in Turin with a task of 226.6Km. The task took the pilots north east from the start along the western edge of the Susa Valley around a northern turn point at Trausella and then back past the start line to a midpoint called Pinerolo. From Pinerolo the task took the competitors south a further 46 Km to the southernmost turn point at Dronero where the pilots then turned north again back to Pinerolo with a final dog leg of 13.5Km to the finish at Maritani.


Hot Air Balloons - a challenging day

The Hot Air Balloon competition continued on day 4 with a very challenging 5 task competition flight. David Levin, the competition director called 1 Fly-In, 2 Judge Declared Goals, 1 Hesitation Waltz and One Greatest Angle.

Due to very light winds the tasks were difficult to achieve but a large majority of the 28 competitors achieved spectacular results on most targets.


Three Russian crews into the Helicopter semi-finals

Day four (Wednesday) saw the next qualifying round of the Helicopter Parallel Fender Rigging and Slalom tasks. The teams pulled out all the stops in extremely exciting races in order to achieve the best result, because every team realised that today was ‘knock-out’ day where four of the remaining eight teams would be eliminated.


Parachuting on day 3

Parachuting had an excellent day on Tuesday in spite of a poor weather forecast. Competitors were able to do an extra round of accuracy which enabled them to partly make up for the two rounds that were cancelled on Monday evening because of rain.


Gold medal in Microlight Pylon racing

The first World Air Games event came to a close today in the blink of an eye with the Microlight Pylon event final. The winners were the British team of Rob Grimwood and Chris Saysell who flew the three circuits of the 1200m course in a time of 3 minutes 30.6 seconds.

The second British team had to settle for second place but were only one tenth of a second behind. The semifinal was held shortly before the final round with the Italian team of Rossi Soavi/Vanzini gaining the bronze medal in a time of 3:53.3 min and Carra/Rossa coming fourth in 4:47.2 min.


Helicopter Parallel Slalom and Parallel Fender qualifying rounds

The qualifying rounds in Helicopter Parallel Fender and Parallel Slalom took place yesterday and today in which the crews sought to provide great entertainment in what was a very attractive event for spectators.

The early leaders after these two rounds are Russia, followed by the highly experienced Austrian team with the Germans in third place.


Microlight pylon race - day 2

Conditions were perfect today for the second round of the Microlight Pylon race. After an unsure start, the weather improved to offer no rain and a gentle breeze; this was coupled with slick organisation from the Italian administrators. The excitement built up quickly as the spectators could see the pilots’ race times improving.


Glider Racing Day 1

The first Gliding Grand Prix Race was held on Sunday from Turin with a task of 178.3KM. This took the pilots south from the airfield along the western edge of the Susa Valley allowing the pilots to choose to stay over the hills and mountains or use the valley floor.

The weak conditions at first kept the competitors together with several groups taking separate routes but still meeting up at each turn point. At the half way stage less than 5 minutes separated the entire fleet of 11 gliders.


Round one of the Microlight Pylon competition

The microlight 'trike' competition got underway on the second day of the Games. The first round would see the relegation of the three slowest crews, though the Hungarian team (Matuska/Török) were unable to make the start line because of engine problems. During the contest the teams from Russia (Bushev/Astafiev) and Poland (Jurkiewicz/Jurkiewicz) posted the slowest times and therefore do not qualify for the next round.


Hot air balloons opening ceremony at Mondovi

The hot air balloon competition is being staged a short distance away from Turin aeritalia airfield in the beautiful town of Mondovi. This region is well known in ballooning circles and provides an excellent setting for the hot air balloon competitions.


Turin airfield comes to life

Many of the air sports at the World Air Games are based at Torino Aeritalia airfield in Turin, Italy; finally, after years of preparations, test events and rehearsals, the airfield has come alive with activity. A large crowd watched displays from powered aerobatic and experimental pilots before the start of the first competitive rounds.


Preparations for the start of competitions

Torino Aeritalia airfield buzzes with activity as 300 of the world’s elite air sport competitors prepare for the start of the competition. Many are old friends who have previously met around the world, either in preparation for these Games or at other FAI world and continental championships.


The FAI World Air Games have begun

The FAI World Air Games 2009 have been officially declared open at a grand ceremony in the Piazza San Carlo in Turin city centre. In front of a crowd of several thousand locals, the Mayor of Turin Mr. Sergio CHIAMPARINO opened the Games and wished all competitors a fair competition and the best of luck in the week to come.