Museum links

Click on the links below to visit any on-line versions of FAI's Recommended Museums:


  1. Air World Antique Aircraft Museum (Closed in 2002)


  1. Suomen Ilmaillumuseo (Finland Aviation Museum), Vantaan
    - Antique Aircraft
  2. Keski-Suomen Ilmailumuseo (Central Finland Aviation Museum), Tikkakoski
    - Military and Civil Aircraft
    - Guided interactive tours available


  1. Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace, Le Bourget, Paris (Air & Space Museum)
    - Military and Civil Aircraft


  1. Deutsches Segelflugmuseum, Wasserkuppe
    - Gliding
    - Hang Gliding
  2. Hermann-Oberth-Raumfahrt-Museum e.V., Feucht bei Nürnberg
    - Space Flight
  3. Deutsches Museum München, Luftfahrtabteilung
    - Antique Aircraft
    - Balloons
    - Gliders
    - Helicopters
    - Military Aircraft
  4. Otto-Lilienthal-Museum, Anklam
    - Hang Gliding
  5. Ballonmuseum Gersthofen
    - Gas Ballooning (Deutsch)
  6. Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen
    - History and technology of the airship from the very beginning to present days
  7. Deutsche Raumfahrtausstellung Morgenröthe-Rautenkranz e.V., Muldenhammer
    - exhibition on space travel


  1. Israel Air Force Museum
    - Military Aircraft


  1. Museo dell'Aeronautica "Gianni Caproni", Trento
    - Antique Aircraft designed by Gianni Caproni


  1. K.A.U. Aerospace Museum
    - Aerospace Science, Technologies, Civil and Military Aircraft

New Zealand

  1. Royal New Zealand Air Force Museum, Christchurch
    - Military Aircraft


  1. Norwegian Aviation Museum, Bodo

South Africa

  1. South African Air Force Museum, Swartkops
    - Historic and Military Aircraft
  2. South African Air Force Museum, Ysterplaat
    - Historic and Military Aircraft


  1. Fundacion Infante de Orleans, Madrid
    - Historic and Antique Aircraft


  1. The Andrée Museum, Gränna
    - Andrée's Polar Balloon Flight
  2. Flygvapenmuseum (Royal Swedish Air Force Museum), Linköping
    - Military Aircraft
  3. Segelflygmuseum (Museum of Gliders)
    - Gliders
  4. Jämtlands Flyg- ocht Lottamuseum (Closed in 2009)


  1. Verkehrshaus der Schweiz (Swiss Transport Museum), Lucerne
    - Airliners
    - Air Traffic Control
    - Gliders
    - Light Aircraft
    - Model Aircraft
    - Space Craft

United Kingdom

  1. Royal Air Force Museum, Hendon
    - Military Aircraft, Engines, Vehicles and Weapons
  2. Scottish National Aviation Museum - Museum of Flight, East Lothian

United States of America

  1. National Soaring Museum, Elmira (NY)
    - Gliders
  2. Soukup & Thomas International Balloon & Airship Museum, Mitchell (SD) (Closed in 2000)
  3. National Model Aviation Museum, Muncie (IN)