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Ramón Morillas Salmeron


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Ramón Morillas Salmeron flew 1105 km from Jerez, Cadiz (Spain) to Lanzarote, Canaries (Spain) with an Advance Omega 7 paraglider.

Sub-ClassType of RecordPerformanceDateClaimantStatusId
RPF1Tm Distance in a straight line without landing 1 105.0 km 2007-04-23 Morillas Salmeron (ESP) ratified - current record 14613
FAI Record File Num #14613
Status: ratified - current record
Region: World
Class: R (Microlights)
Category: Not applicable
Group: Not applicable
Type of record: Distance in a straight line without landing
Performance: 1 105.0 km
Date: 2007-04-23
Course/Location: Jerez, Cadix (Spain) - Lanzarote, Canaries (Spain)
Claimant Ramón Morillas Salmeron (ESP)
Microlight: Advance Omega 7
Engine(s): PAP ROS 1450
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