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IPPI Card: Slovakia

Is the IPPI Card accepted in your country ?


What is the minimum legal insurance coverage required in your country ?

Aviation law in Slovakia, applicable from 2006, requires a minimum coverage of aprox. 12.000 Euros for third party liability insurance.

What additional coverage does your country recommend (such as medical insurance, search and rescue etc...) ?

Medical insurance (helicopter transport), search and rescue insurance. This is not mandatory but highly recommended.

Is your NAC prepared to provide a special insurance coverage for guest pilots who do not comply with your national law ?

The LAA (national HG and PG association) guest membership provides a coverage of ~ 12.000 Euros for third party liability insurance for period of 2 weeks (membership fee: 20 Euros).

Other information

In case of doubt, please contact the LAA secretariat:
tel/fax: +421 (0) (41) 5623 450