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F1B Lord Thomson of Fleet Trophy


Donated by Lord Thomson of Fleet in 1989

Current status

Box: yes

Condition: good


Current holder (2015) is Alexander Andriukov (USA)

Previous holders

2014: Alexander Andriukov (USA)
2013: Alexander Andriukov (USA)
2012: Anatoly Rybchenkov (Russia)
2011: Alexander Andriukov (USA)
2010: Bernd Silz (Germany)
2009: Bernd Silz (Germany)
2008: Igor Vivchar (Ukraine)
2007: Ivan Kolic (Serbia)
2006: Bernd Silz (Germany)
2005: Alexander Andriukov (USA)
2004: Anselmo Zeri (Netherlands)
2003: Bernd Silz (Germany)
2002: Ivan Kolic (Yugoslavia)
2001: Bernd Silz (Germany)
2000: Ivan Kolic (J) (Yugoslavia)
1999: Oleg Kulakovsky (Ukraine)
1998: Oleg Kulakovsky (Ukraine)
1997: Viktors Rosonoks (Latvia)
1996: Alex Andrjukov (Ukraine)
1995: Igor Vivtchar (Ukraine)
1994: Alexander Andrjukov (Ukraine)
1993: Per Skjulstad (Norway)
1992: Bror Eimar (Sweden)
1991: Alex Andrjukov (USSR)
1990: Alexander Andrjukov (USSR)
1989: Norm Furutani (USA)
1988: W Ghio (USA)
1987: J Hacken (Netherlands)