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New Technology Expert Group

Task List 2014


  • To be the reference in terms of electronic devices used in air sports
  • To define FAI-standards for these devices
  • To assure the use of the most appropriate measurements devices in competitions and performance flights, in particular to increase competition attractiveness and safety
  • To find cost efficient solutions to technical challenges common to FAI disciplines such as, for example, tracking or logging.


  • Find a solution for live tracking and public presentation taking into account
    • The different needs of disciplines
    • Geographical challenges (mountains, seas, flatlands
    • Data transmission costs
    • Linking tracking to real time scoring
    • Showing tracking to the public (on-site displays, internet, mobile, public interfaces)
    • Approaching technologies (like ADS-B)
  • Establish minimum requirements for flight evidence
    • Technical security of FR’s
    • Safe technologies
    • Improve data recording (frequency and duration / tracker vs logger)
    • Criteria for instrument homologation
  • Improve reliability of measurement methods (altitude, speed, distance)
  • Establish recommendations for technicians / developers to execute the tasks or find the appropriate technicians / developers for specific tasks
  • Give ASCs and CASI report on possible changes needed to the SC.


Marc Andre Point of Contact Switzerland
Maurice Ducret Member Switzerland
José Luis Esteban Member Spain
Jörg Ewald Member Switzerland
Ralf Grunwald Member Germany
Visa-Matti Leinikki Member Switzerland
Rick Sheppe Member USA
Brian Spreckley Member France



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