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Dmitri Samokhvalov - 2017 European Advanced Champion


DMITRY-SAMOKHVALOVDmitri Samokhvalov of Russia became the 10th FAI European Advanced Aerobatic Champion at Chotebor in the Czech Republic on 13th August, fighting off a strong challenge from French pilot and current World Advanced Champion Loic Lovicourt and fellow Russian Roman Ovchinnikov. Dmitri's haul of medals included a silver in the Free Known 1st programme, a second gold in Free Unknown #1 and a bronze in Free Unknown #2.

The event was held in very changeable weather, the judges hiding from 30°c plus some days and shivering in the low teens on others, and flying on the final day was extended to almost 8pm in order to complete the last programme.

Chotebor proved to be an excellent venue, though with a confusing box layout that had a few pilots scratching to align with the axes. CD Vladimir Machula ran a typically brisk schedule, although the weather brought a good number of nail-biting moments.


CIVA Aerobatic Contest Scoring and Results software

Two Windows-based software packages designed for aerobatic contest scoring are available direct from their authors. Each includes the FairPlay System as approved by CIVA for use at World and Continental championships.


Aerobatic Contest Results Organiser

Acro-logo-CIVA 2017





Used continuously by CIVA since 2007, ACRO provides a complete solution for scoring, results and web publication at national and international power and glider aerobatic events. The sofware author is Nick Buckenham, CIVA President and UK delegate.
ACRO offers great reporting flexibility for print-to-paper and output for spreadsheets, single/multi programme internet results with web index page creation; integrated ftp upload for all contest web output to any URI; pilots internet Score Sheets with mini sequence diagrams; integral photo handling linked to an online bi-directional photo archive; comprehensive FPS judging analysis; international team flags; import of sequence K-factors and figure data directly from OpenAero and Visio Aresti; an extensive on-screen Help system directly linked to each form ... in fact everything you could ask for to support club, national and international aerobatic events at all levels using either Raw or FPS processed scores.
ACRO is Microsoft .NET software and is compatible with all versions of Windows™


Aerobatic Contest Managing System

ACMS-logo-CIVA 2017

Written by French author Michel Dupont, ACMS includes CIVA's FPS statistical process with Ranking Index analysis provided via a range of histograms. The software implements web output to any target internet URI, with web pages built from "templates" together with a "script" language which can change their appearance without having to modify the software.

ACMS can import files directly from OpenAero, and also supports input from remote touch pads; Judges grades are all forwarded via a local network to the Chief Judge so that they can be checked for consistency before the sequence is validated, the output subsequently being transmitted by G3/G4 to a base station for immediate display of the results.

The software is available in English and French, and may be translated into other languages using an integrated tool.

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Our Sport

FAI Aerobatic Championships have been held since 1960, when the 1st World Aerobatic Championships was organised in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Competition has now evolved into several categories including Advanced and Unlimited in Power and Glider, YAK-52 World Championships, and a new FAI Elite Series. The sport is governed by the FAI Sporting Code, General Section and Section 6 (Aerobatics).  These rules can be found under "Documents". 

What is Aerobatics?


Aerobatics has been performed in aircraft almost since the first flight of a powered aircraft. In the early years before World War I, aerobatics served as entertainment for crowds fascinated by these new aerial machines. Later, it became an essential part of a military pilot’s training and utilized in combat. In more recent decades, it has been recognized as an important part in a pilot’s training in order to make him or her more proficient in controlling their aircraft in all flight attitudes.Klaus_in_Air_4

The challenge of performing aerobatic figures precisely led to the development of aerobatic competition. The first competitions were held in the early 1930’s, at the Olympics in Berlin in 1936, and at various national competitions after World War II. FAI recognized the need for a sanctioned World Championships which led to that first post-war competition in 1960 (1st World Aerobatic Champion Ladislav Bezak shown right).

World Championships in Power are held every two years and in Gliders every year. Continental Championships are held in the off years. Pilots who compete in World and Continental Championships are selected by their FAI member organizations and compete both individually and as teams.

Browse the Calendar for upcoming FAI Aerobatic Championships.

Aerobatic Competitions

Aresti_cupAn aerobatic competitions are a highly demanding test of a pilot’s ability to fly a high-performance aircraft, whether it is powered or a glider, very precisely in a programme of figures. These programmes are flown in a very small “box” which is a one-kilometer cube. Excursions from the box incur heavy penalties. These “sequences” are physically demanding and require expert control and situational awareness.

Aircraft used for competition are highly specialized and though specially built for this purpose, require superb handling and energy management in order to win. Pilots are judged by a panel of seven to ten judges who grade each figure on a range of 0 to 10. “Freestyle” programmes are also included in competitions which are flown to different criteria. Scores are processed using a statistical system called “FairPlay”.Ladislav_Bezak_-_1960_World_Aerobatic_Champion

While several FAI Aerobatic Championships are held each year, local, regional, and national competitions number in the hundreds throughout the world. To achieve a slot on a National Team can take many years of practice and preparation and hundreds of hours in the air under the watchful eyes of an experienced trainer.

Bidding for Championships

Bids to organize and host FAI Aerobatic Championships are welcome. Deadline for submission of bids is the 1st of October every year. Bids will then be considered by the CIVA Bureau with final selections being made by the plenary in November. Bids are encouraged as far in advance as possible.

The President of CIVA should be contacted at civa-president@fai.org for further details on organizing a Championship.  "Guidelines for Bidding" are also found in the "Documents" section of this website.


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