Solar Impulse Lands in Nanjing After Flight Across China - World Records Ratified by FAI

2015-SI2-Nanjing-leg6Bertrand Piccard landed the fuel-free aircraft Solar Impulse in Nanjing, East of China, on Tuesday at 23:28 local time (15:28 UTC). The Swiss pilot took off from Chongqing, China, at 6:06 am local time on the same day (10:06 pm GMT on 20 April 2015) and flew for 17:22 hours, covering a distance of 1,241 km. The 6th leg of the Round-The-World Solar Impulse mission is thus completed, and the plane has finished its journey in Asia.

The Solar Impulse team is now getting ready for the challenge of crossing the Pacific Ocean. It will be achieved in two stages, first flying to Hawaii, USA, which is some 8,000 km away from Nanjing. This means five consecutive days and nights in the air, a particularly great mental and physical challenge for Solar Impulse co-founder André Borschberg, who will be at the controls of the aircraft.

The take-off will take place after giving Solar Impulse a thorough servicing and finding a favourable weather window.  

Solar Impulse World Record recognised by the FAI

2015-SI2-recordsAfter landing in Nanjing, Bertrand Piccard received the Diplomas for his World Records achieved during the leg from Muscat (Oman) to Ahmedabad (India) from the hands of FAI Observer Jakob Burkard.

CS Straight Distance - Free flight 1468 km 2015-03-10 Bertrand Piccard (SUI) ratified - current record 17430
CS Straight distance, pre-declared waypoints 1468 km 2015-03-10 Bertrand Piccard (SUI) ratified - current record 17429

(Photo credit: Solar Impulse; FAI)

Solar Impulse Reaches Chongqing, China

2015-Solar-Impulse-ChongqingBertrand Piccard, who was at the controls of Solar Impulse, successfully landed at the Chongqing Jiangbei International Airport, China, on Tuesday 31 March. He took off from Mandalay, Myanmar, on Monday 30 March at 3:36am local time (9:06pm GMT, 29 March) and landed in China 20 hours and 29  minutes later, thus having flown 1,459 km. It is the first time that a single-seater solar airplane enters China.


Solar Impulse On Its Way To Chongqing, China


On Sunday 29 March, Solar Impulse took off for its fifth flight from Mandalay, Myanmar, at 21:06 UTC. The zero-fuel aircraft is now on its way to Chongqing, China, and is piloted by Bertrand Piccard. The flight will last for about 19 hours and will cover a distance of 1,375 kilometers.


Solar Impulse to Leave Myanmar on Sunday 29th UTC

2015 03 19 Solar Impulse 2 RTW 4th Flight Varanasi to Mandalay take-off revillard-02The Solar Impulse team has announced that the zero-fuel airplane will take off from Mandalay, Myanmar, on Monday morning at around 05:30 local time (Sunday evening around 23:00 UTC).

The plane will be piloted by Bertrand Piccard. It will head to Chongqing, China.


Third and Fourth Solar Impulse Flights Now Completed

2015-solar-impulse-4th-leg-1The zero-fuel aircraft Solar Impulse continues its journey around the world. After spending several days on the ground in Ahmedabad, India, to have everything ready for the next flights, André Borschberg started the 4th leg of the round-the-world mission at 1:48 am UTC yesterday. He headed to Varanasi (Benares), India, where he landed at 15:03 UTC.


Interview with Alexey Leonov, the First Man to Walk in Outer Space

Leonov-9336-8On 18 March 1965, FAI celebrates the 50th anniversary of the first space-walk. Russian cosmonaut Alexey Leonov achieved this feat during the Voshkod 2 mission. He stayed out in space for 12 min 9 sec, a performance that the FAI recognised as a world record in the “Extravehicular duration in space”. Born on 30 May 1934, he still lives in Russia.


18 March 1965: Leonov Successfully Made the First Spacewalk

9336-2Today is a special day in the history of space exploration. It is the day, 50 years ago, that Russian cosmonaut Alexey Leonov became the first person to walk in space.


Piccard lands successfully in Ahmedabad

2015 03 10 Solar Impulse 2 RTW 2nd Flight Muscat to Ahmedabad Landing Revillard-0864Bertrand Piccard successfully landed in Ahmedabad, India. It is the first time that Solar Impulse lands on the Asian continent. He piloted Solar Impulse 2 from Muscat, flying across the Arabian Sea over a distance of 1468 km. The FAI will review the distance record claim dossier, and if it is ratified it will supersede the record previously set by André Borschberg onboard Solar Impulse in 2013.


Piccard's Record Attempt in the Second Leg of the Around the World in a Solar Aircraft Mission

2015-Solar-Impulse-leg2 1Bertrand Piccard took off this morning at 6:35 UTC+4 from Muscat, Oman, onboard Solar Impulse 2. Before starting his journey to Ahmedabad, India, he revealed that he would attempt to break the FAI world record of Distance in the Experimental / New Technologies, Solar-Powered Aeroplane category.


Around the World in a Solar Airplane - Solar Impulse 2 successfully lands in Oman

solar impulseSolar Impulse 2, the solar-powered aircraft piloted by André Borschberg, landed a few minutes ago in Muscat Oman, after taking off this morning from Abu Dhabi. The first leg of the "Around the World in a Solar Aircraft" mission is now completed.

Congratulations to André Borschberg and the whole Solar Impulse team!

Around the World in a Solar Airplane - Solar Impulse 2 Took-Off This Morning From Abu Dhabi


FAI Secretary Susanne Schödel witnessed Solar Impulse take-off this morning in Abu Dhabi to reach Muscat (Oman), before crossing the Arabian Sea to Ahmedabad (India).


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