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About the FAI Rotorcraft Commission (CIG)

All FAI Rotorcraft international championships, competitions and record activities are conducted under the direction of the FAI Rotorcraft Commission (CIG).


The FAI Rotorcraft Commission meets once a year at an annual meeting to discuss and work on the development of rotorcraft competition and records, rules changes and sporting events (decision on venues for future events, appointment of organising committees, etc.).

Each FAI Member Country may appoint a Delegate with the right to vote at the Plenary Meeting.


Between annual meetings, the FAI Rotorcraft Commission is run by the Bureau, which consists of the President, two Vice Presidents, the Treasurer and one Secretary.

The Bureau is elected during the annual meeting of the FAI Rotorcraft Commission.


Each FAI Member Country can appoint a Delegate to the FAI Rotorcraft Commission and participate in the work of the Commission.


Subcommittees are set up by the FAI Rotorcraft Commission. They have specific terms of reference (TOR) for their work and responsibilities. These TOR's are approved by the CIG Annual Meeting.

Working Groups

Working Groups are temporarily established by the FAI Rotorcraft Commission to study and report on specific matters or proposals.

Go to the Organisation page to get the list of all Bureau Members, Delegates, Subcommittees and Working Groups.


FAI Medals and Diplomas are awarded each year at the Opening Ceremony of the annual FAI General Conference.

The FAI Award for rotorcraft is the following:

  • FAI Gold Rotorcraft Medal


The FAI maintains files of all aviation records and the FAI Rotorcraft Commission lays down the requirements for class conformity and flight verification where rotorcraft is concerned. The requirements are to be found in Section 5 of the Sporting Code.

Access the database and consult the current and past Rotorcraft World Records.

Rules & other documents

The FAI Rotorcraft Commission establishes and maintains rules and criteria for FAI Rotorcraft competitions and records, FAI badges, security at world sporting events, and technical standards.

Go to the Documents page to get the latest edition of those documents.

Our Sport

Leonardo-Da-Vinci-1483The first machines with flapping wings or with rotary wings (helicopters) were thought up in the late 18th century, or even as early as the late 15th century, if reference is made once more to the work of the genius Leonardo da Vinci on the project he named Helix. In fact, for a long time, research into rotorcraft kept encountering obstacles relating to propulsion and in-flight stability, the factors that control the machine’s movement around three axes: pitch, roll and yaw. Researchers in the field of rotary wings, researchers displayed great inventiveness as from the mid-19th century.

In 1877 a helicopter of 350 kilos designed by Italian Enrico Forlanini took off with no pilot and no load, climbing to 13 metres for 20 seconds. After many other attempts, the first satisfactory results came in the early 20th century, with the captive craft of Monaco’s Maurice Léger (1905) and, above all, with the gyroplane of the Breguet brothers who, on August 24 1907 accomplished a anned hovering flight 60 cm above the ground for over a minute. Yet it was Paul Cornu, a cycle manufacturer from Lisieux, who around the same time perfected around the same time a helicopter worthy of the name. His craft rose 1.5 metres above the ground with two passengers on board, on November 13 1907. At this time, research was also advancing in the United States, and more particularly in Russia, though it was Hellehammer in Denmark who succeeded in flying a distance of 42 metres at a height of 1.5 metres in an aircraft of his own invention in 1912.

After the First World War, other significant breakthroughs were made, notably thanks to the efforts of Étienne Oehmichen, of the Marquis de Pescara and of the Spaniard Juan de La Cierva. De La Cierva invented the gyroplane, the principle of which made it possible to eliminate the gyroscopic effect thanks to the use of articulated rotary wings.

The 1940s and the early 1950s demonstrated the unique suitability of the helicopter as a rescue vehicle.

The first world rotorcraft championships were organised in 1971 in Bückeburg. Since the mid-1980s, they have been held on average every three years. The disciplines on the world championship programme especially emphasize the rescue dimension of the helicopter.

CIG Representatives

Hans-Peter Schoeffler Financial Secretary n/a
Eduard Malina Webmaster Czech Rep.
Sporting Code Section 9 - Edition 2011  (197.64 kB)19 August 2011
Sporting Code Section 9 - Annexes 1 and 4: World Record Claim Form - PDF format  (1.21 MB)08 March 2013
Sporting Code Section 9 - Annexes 1 and 4: World Record Claim Form - Word format  (1.43 MB)08 March 2013
CIG Online Competition - Helicopter Pen Challenge - Rules and Information  (432.55 kB)08 March 2012
Sporting Code Section 9 - Chapter 6.3 Additional Events  (1.11 MB)20 April 2017
Rules & Regulations World and Continental Helicopter Championships - Edition 2017  (1.22 MB)25 July 2017


The next FAI Rotorcraft Commission (CIG) Annual Meeting will take place in Lausanne (SUI) from 8 to 9 March 2018


FAI Rotorcraft Commission Officials

FAI Rotorcraft Commission Bureau


Jacques Berlo President n/a
David Hamilton President of Honour n/a
Alfred-Pierre Herbert President of Honour Switzerland
Elfan Ap Rees President of Honour United Kingdom
Irina Grushina 1st Vice-President n/a
Marcin Szamborski 2nd Vice-President n/a
Hans-Peter Schoeffler Financial Secretary n/a
Hans-Peter Schoeffler Secretary n/a

FAI Rotorcraft Commission Delegates


Austria Delegate Wolf Dietrich Tesar
  Alternate Delegate Stefan Seer
Belarus Delegate Volha (Olga) Sheveleva
  Alternate Delegate Vladimir Striyonock
Belgium Delegate Jacques Berlo
China (People's Republic of) Delegate Xi Wu
  Alternate Delegate Yuxin Yang
Czech Rep. Delegate Eduard Malina
Egypt Delegate Ayman Mossam
France Delegate Jacques Escaffre
  Alternate Delegate Philippe Arnould
Germany Delegate Hans-Peter Schoeffler
  Alternate Delegate Konrad Geissler
Hong Kong, China Delegate John Li
Iceland Delegate Sigurdur Asgeirsson
  Alternate Delegate Walter Ehrat
Italy Delegate Federico Vallauri
Japan Delegate Mitsuo Aoyama
Korea Delegate Kyoung Hwan Kang
Korea (People's Dem. Rep.) Delegate Hyo Nam Kang
  Alternate Delegate Chong II Kim
Mexico Delegate Carlos Centeno Meza
  Alternate Delegate Osler García Serralde
Netherlands Delegate Michaël Tefsen
New Zealand Delegate David Hamilton
Poland Delegate Marcin Szamborski
  Alternate Delegate Jedrzej Wiler
Russia Delegate Irina Grushina
  Alternate Delegate Maxim Sotnikov
Serbia Delegate Krsta Mandic
  Alternate Delegate Radoslav Vujosevic
Switzerland Delegate Bernhard Lügstenmann
  Alternate Delegate Rudolf Boser
Thailand Delegate Panya Yodjew
  Alternate Delegate Preecha Chanachai
Turkey Delegate Ridvan Özdemir
  Alternate Delegate Batuhan Mumcu
Ukraine Delegate Alexandr Skrinnikov
  Alternate Delegate Liybov Prihodko
United Arab Emirates Delegate Yousif Hassan Ali Al Hammadi
  Alternate Delegate Mohammed Yousif
United Kingdom Delegate David James Monks
  Alternate Delegate Roy Harford
Venezuela Delegate Wladimir Abad
  Alternate Delegate Anibal Dao Dao


Bureau and Delegates

Representation on other Bodies by CIG Members

CIG presentation

CIG is the Rotorcraft Commission of FAI. FAI's rotary-wing activities, in particular World Records and International Competitions, are conducted under the direction of CIG.


All the documents of the FAI Rotorcraft Commission (CIG) in one page.


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