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01 Jan 1970

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: 01 Jan 1970

CIG Organization

The CIG Bureau

David Hamilton President
Alfred-Pierre Herbert President of Honour Switzerland
Elfan Ap Rees President of Honour United Kingdom
Konrad Geissler 1st Vice-President
Irina Grushina 2nd Vice-President
Jacques Berlo 3rd Vice-President
David Monks Secretary
Hans-Peter Schoeffler Secretary
Austria Delegate Wolf Dietrich Tesar
  Alternate Delegate Stefan Seer
Belarus Alternate Delegate Vladimir Striyonock
Belgium Delegate Jacques Berlo
Brazil Delegate Marcos Barbosa
China (People's Republic of) Delegate Xi Wu
  Alternate Delegate Yuxin Yang
Egypt Delegate Ayman Mossam
France Delegate Jacques Escaffre
  Alternate Delegate Philippe Arnould
Germany Delegate Konrad Geissler
  Alternate Delegate Hans-Peter Schoeffler
Hong Kong, China Delegate John Li
Iceland Delegate Sigurdur Asgeirsson
  Alternate Delegate Walter Ehrat
Italy Delegate Federico Vallauri
Japan Delegate Mitsuo Aoyama
Korea Delegate Jong-Jun Youn
Korea (People's Dem. Rep.) Delegate Hyo Nam Kang
  Alternate Delegate Chong II Kim
Mexico Delegate Carlos Centeno Meza
  Alternate Delegate Osler García Serralde
Netherlands Delegate Michaël Tefsen
New Zealand Delegate David Hamilton
  Alternate Delegate Roger Gault
Poland Delegate Marcin Szamborski
  Alternate Delegate Jedrzej Wiler
Russia Delegate Irina Grushina
  Alternate Delegate Maxim Sotnikov
Serbia Delegate Krsta Mandic
  Alternate Delegate Radoslav Vujosevic
Switzerland Delegate Bernhard Lügstenmann
  Alternate Delegate Rudolf Boser
Turkey Delegate Ridvan Özdemir
  Alternate Delegate Batuhan Mumcu
Ukraine Delegate Alexandr Skrinnikov
  Alternate Delegate Liybov Prihodko
United Arab Emirates Delegate Yousif Hassan Ali Al Hamadi
  Alternate Delegate Mohammed Yousif
United Kingdom Delegate David Monks
  Alternate Delegate Roy Harford
Venezuela Delegate Wladimir Abad
  Alternate Delegate Anibal Dao Dao
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Launch of the FAI On-line Helicopter Competition

The FAI has just launched the FAI On-line Helicopter Competition with the aim of giving the opportunity to helicopter pilots from all around the world to pit their skills against each other in an exci...


Tony Iberler, youngest pilot ever to participate in a world helicopter....

Tony Iberler, youngest pilot ever to participate in a world helicopter....

Tony Iberler qualified as an Helicopter Pilot in Germany on his 17th birthday, one year before he can legally drive a car. In 2012, still aged 17, he was selected as a member of the German National T....

Maxim Sotnikov (RUS): Helicopter Pilot

Maxim Sotnikov (RUS): Helicopter Pilot

Although Maxim Sotnikov learned to fly helicopters only 6 years ago, he is already one of the world’s best pilots and will be one to watch at the 14th FAI World Helicopter Championship that will t....


Officials and Experts

The list of International Judges for Rotorcraft International Championships is established each year at the annual CIG meeting.

CIG Judges 2014  (22.79 kB)07 March 2014
CIG Judges 2013  (22.69 kB)25 March 2013
CIG Judges 2012  (37.60 kB)17 April 2012
CIG Judges 2011  (12.12 kB)19 August 2011


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