Expert Groups

The FAI Executive Board has started the development of a new „FAI Expert-System“ which includes 9 Expert Groups (EG) : Airspace, Navigation, Safety, Regulation, IT, Airsport facilities, Technology, Marketing and Communication, and Education.

Please note that the FAI Aviation and Space Education Commission was converted into the Expert Group Education at the last FAI General Conference which took place a few days ago. Therefore, information about this Expert group will  be updated on FAI website as of next week (October 27th).

The Experts are persons with expertise in specific areas who are called upon when there is a need for technical expertise. They are appointed by the FAI Executive Board and are on stand-by and assignments are only carried out „on demand“.

Considering that members of the EG are experts in their fields of expertise and are therefore exercising a technical watch, they are of course encouraged to report, through their point of Contact (PoC), on any significant development that might affect the practice / development of our sports.

Assignment process and tasks to the Expert Group

  •     The group, via its PoC, is being allocated a task and a related deadline by the FAI Office
  •     The PoC designates the experts to be involved - based on their expertise and qualifications
  •     The PoC requests the cooperation of the chosen experts, with the help of the existing data list
  •     The PoC is responsible for a timely reply to the FAI Office
  •     If needed, experts may directly contact other specialists, e.g. from FAI commissions etc.
  •     The findings of the Expert Groups are being directly passed on to the FAI Office by the PoC

The Expert Groups below have already been established. By clicking on any, you will be able to see the Policy & Goals as well as the members of the Group.