F1P Junior Individual - Ukraine Power Challenge Trophy

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Donated by Artem Babenko, Ukraine 2008

The junior power event was flown for class F1C from 1988 to 1996, then F1J from 1998 to 2002, F1J and F1P combined in 2004, and F1P from 2006 onwards

Current status

Condition: good


Current holder (2014) is Aleksandr Kuznetsov, RUS

Previous holders

2012: Taron Malkhasyan, USA
2010: Cymtro Sadomov, UKR
2008: John Lorbiecki, USA
2006: Cody Secor, W/C
2004: Cody Secor, USA
2002: Austin Gunder, USA
2000: Austin Gunder, USA
1998: Egor Kanakhin, RUS
1996: Sergei Turanov, RUS
1994: I Moiseev, RUS
1992: M Surigin, UKR
1990: M Keller, USA
1988: Song Gyu Pak, PRK

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