Aims & Principles


The following four key-words describe the main values of the FAI World Air Games :


  • Sport in the third dimension.
  • The dream of flying.


  • Only the best of the best are invited to compete at the FAI World Air Games.
  • Competition rounds are short and easy to understand.
  • The latest audio-visual technologies are used to present air sports to the public and to TV spectators.


  • The FAI World Air Games is a multi-discipline event featuring up to 10 air sports and up to 22 different events.
  • The schedule is based on a time-sharing concept at each venue.
  • Beside high-level competitions, numerous activities are proposed for spectators and young people to better understand and interact with air sports (exhibitions, demonstrations, flight simulators, etc.).


  • Spectators can see several air sports during their visit.
  • Competitions have been specially developed and adapted for the FAI World Air Games.
  • Competitions unfold in close proximity to spectators and/or on giant video screens.


The FAI has five primary goals for the FAI World Air Games :

  • To determine “FAI World Air Games Champions” in each FAI World Air Games discipline.
  • To create a sense of cohesion between different air sport disciplines and create camaraderie among the world’s top air sport athletes.
  • To showcase air sports to the general public and promote public participation in air sport by attracting new participants to air sport disciplines.
  • To generate revenue for the FAI World Air Games Organisers and the FAI.
  • To promote FAI events to other sports organisations and create an attractive platform for TV, media and other external stakeholders.

Based on these goals, the FAI World Air Games have been designed to be the marquee event for the FAI and everyone involved in air sport. This means that the very best athletes compete against one another for the highest award in air sport : The title of “FAI World Air Games Champion”.


There are many different ways to be involved in the FAI World Air Games; here are some examples :

As an active member of the FAI Community …
(FAI Vice President, Delegate, Bureau Member of a FAI Commission, Judge, Jury Member, etc.)
… You may contribute to the success of the FAI World Air Games by, for example, promoting the Games in your country, encouraging athletes to participate in international events, applying for an official function or as a volunteer at one of the next World Air Games.

As an active air sport athlete …
… You are encouraged to make further progress and improve your performance in order to reach the highest competitive level and have a chance to be selected for future FAI World Air Games.

As an experienced event organiser …
… You are encouraged to assess whether your city or region would meet the requirements to host the FAI World Air Games, to evaluate how the FAI World Air Games might contribute to the promotion of your city or region, and to consider placing a bid for a future event.

As a company looking for additional media and public exposure …
… You are invited to contact the FAI for information about becoming an FAI partner, or to contact the Organising Committee of future FAI World Air Games for information on sponsorship opportunities.

As an air sport enthusiast …
… We invite you to visit official World Air Games Websites, to apply to join the team of volunteers, especially if the Games are held near where you live, or to buy tickets or packages offered by the organisers to attend future FAI World Air Games.