Bidding & Hosting


FAI is the exclusive owner of the rights to the World Air Games.

FAI entrusts the organisation of the Games to a Local Organising Committee (LOC), which may consist of any one of or combination of a FAI Member Association, a city, region, private event organiser or commercial body.

The LOC organises the World Air Games in close cooperation with FAI Headquarters. Sporting authority over the Games is exercised by the FAI Active Member in the country where the event takes place, as for any other FAI event.


Future organiser of the World Air Games will be selected through a two-phase bidding process. Every World Air Games bidder is encouraged to develop visionary proposals to further enhance the scope, presentation and marketing of the World Air Games.

Phase 1 is to familiarise FAI with each World Air Games bidder, to determine their motivation for hosting the World Air Games and to identify their proposed venues, dates and tentative program. The FAI Executive Board will evaluate each bid and may eliminate bids that are not in line with the World Air Games framework, or bidders whose qualifications do not fulfil FAI’s criteria.

Phase 2 of the bidding process consists of the submission of the official, binding bid book containing the proposed organisational structure, a refined World Air Games program, a business and media plan, a marketing plan, etc.

The evaluation of the bids consists of a detailed analysis of the bid books submitted by the bidders, site inspections by FAI Experts and meetings with bidders on how specific elements of the bids should be improved.

Based on the bid books, on-site inspections, evaluation reports by FAI Experts and final presentations of the bids at the Host Selection Event, the FAI Selection Committee will determine by secret ballot vote who will be awarded the hosting rights of the next World Air Games.


At the beginning of each phase of the bidding process, the FAI will provide the necessary guidelines, technical requirements and instructions on how to prepare the bid documents.