Sports & Athletes


The sports program of the World Air Games is open to all air sports governed by FAI.

Within the framework of FAI, each air sport has an International Commission. For each edition of the World Air Games, the FAI Air Sport Commissions are responsible for developing the competitive events (disciplines) they would like to include in the program. The sports program consist of “traditional” disciplines used at FAI Championships, or of completely new disciplines especially developed for the World Air Games.

At the beginning of a bidding process for hosting the World Air Games, the FAI publishes a list of sports and disciplines available for inclusion in the program. Depending on facilities, resources, topographical and meteorological situation, bidders may propose to expand and/or adjust the program during the bid process. The final program is subject to approval by FAI and its Air Sport Commissions.


Within the framework of FAI, each air sport has an International Commission.

All FAI-sanctioned contests, championships and world records are conducted under the direction of the FAI Air Sport Commissions; they are therefore also responsible for developing the rules for the competitions included in the program of the World Air Games.
Once available, the rules for each event are made available on Internet.


The athletes invited to compete at the World Air Games are those who achieve the best results in the preceding years. Participation in the World Air Games is therefore a public recognition of these athletes’ achievements and efforts to reach the highest competitive level.

When receiving their special Gold, Silver or Bronze World Air Games medals, these super-champions obtain the highest and most prestigious title awarded by the FAI for international competition, and thus “crown” their sporting career as air sport athletes.

Apart from “crowning” an athlete’s sporting career and giving international recognition to a nation’s efforts to promote and encourage the training of elite competitors, the awarding of “World Air Games Champion” titles will also contribute towards improving the national and international media exposure that air sports need in order to develop further.


Participation in the World Air Games is by invitation only.

Athletes are invited by the respective Air Sport Commissions on the basis of International Ranking Lists and/or previous championship results. Each athlete is approved by the FAI Member in his respective country.

The method of selection is determined by the respective Air Sport Commissions and is part of the FAI World Air Games Rules. Only the very best athletes in each air sport will be invited to the World Air Games. However, the selection process will also ensure that as many countries as possible will be represented, including a representative of the host nation.