Drone sports are growing as fast as ever with exciting initiatives springing up around the world!

Always pushing the limits of technology for velocity and agility, drone sports give spectators a glimpse into the world of tomorrow: incredible displays of skill, strategy and speed against a futuristic backdrop.

Drone Racing


The FAI World Drone Racing Championship (WDRC) is the biggest competition of its kind, and offers an arena for the world’s elite drone racing pilots to pit their skills against one another.

The 2024 edition will take place in Hangzhou, China from 31 October 31 to 3 November.


The FAI Drone Racing World Cup made a happy come-back in 2022 with the victory of MinJae Kim of Korea and 2023 with the triumph of French pilot Killian Rousseau.

2024 is expected to see fast-rising figures once again. Stay tuned!


The 12th edition of The World Games will take place from Thursday 7th to Sunday 17th August 2025 in Chengdu city, People's Republic of China, and will once again feature drone racing.

E-Drone Racing

The first FAI E-Drone Racing World Cup series launched in 2024 and aims to introduce newcomers and gamers to the ultramodern world of drone racing, with its easily accessible format.

E-Drone racing is an online version of a physical drone race, accessible to a wide audience who can compete from the comfort of their favourite gaming chair, anywhere in the world.

Drone Soccer

Drone Soccer is also on a high trend with new competition concepts being tested in various countries.

Its addition to the Sporting Code as a provisional class in May 2019 prepared the ground for official competitions, and 2023 saw the first FAI Open International tournament registered to the FAI Events Calendar. FAI Open International tournaments in different countries are registered for the year 2024.

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