16 Aug 2015

The 15th FAI World Helicopter Championship Comes to a Close

As the 15th FAI World Helicopter Championship came to an end on Saturday at the airport Przylep in Zielona Góra, the Russian domination in this spectacular sport was confirmed. Maxim Sotnikov and Oleg Puajukas finished at the top of the general rankings, while Russia also triumphed in the teams, before Belarus and Ukraine. A great 8th place was obtained by the best Polish crew – brothers Marcin and Michal Szamborski. In the junior rankings, Jędrzej Wiler and Jacek Ciszewski came second.

Russians were also unbeaten in the women's competition: Liudmila Kosenkova and Elena Prokofyeva's crew won the event with 1151,0 points, followed by Galina Shpigovskaja and Ljubov Gubar (1125,4 points) and Irina Didenko and Svetlana Gumbatova (1102,0 points). The fifth place was taken by the youngest team in the Championship, Polish crew Marysia Muś and Magdalena Woch (842,1 points).

On the last day of the helicopter championship, spectacular shows and demonstration flights took place, where the gathered crowd applauded unbelievable acrobatics. Today was also a competition day with the Heli Races, although this event didn't count for the general rankings of the Championship. In this competition Russians confirmed their supremacy by occupying the whole podium.

More information can be found on the official website of the competition: www.whc2015.pl and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WHC2015