28 Mar 2024

2023 G-Paragliding Accuracy Global Games - unsanctioned

Following the receipt of complaints regarding the "2023 G-Paragliding Accuracy Global Games" Paragliding Accuracy event held in Korea in December 2023, CIVL Bureau representatives assessed the alleged concerns before and during the CIVL Plenary 2024. As a result of their inquiries, it was decided to 'unsanction' this competition and it will not be ranked in WPRS. 

The reason for this decision was confirmation that there were several violations of the Sporting Code, primarily the AMD pad was changed during the event to another with a different size dead centre disc and the judges at this Cat 2 event did not possess the necessary experience and qualifications as per Section 7C. 

The CIVL Bureau reminds all event organisers and NACs of the necessity to comply with the FAI Sporting Code, the associated relevant rules for FAI sanctioned events and for PGA competitions to confirm and register judges' experience in civlcomps.org when submitting the results. 

Presently, NACs are responsible for the organisation of proper training and overseeing the recording of experience for their judges used in Cat2 PGA events. Please consult PGA committee members for assistance in organising such seminars.