19 Apr 2023

2023 Para-Ski Season wraps up

Para-Ski Season 2022/2023 wraps up in APRICA, Sondrio, Italy

Have you never heard of Para-Ski?   Here’s a quick explanation:

It is a skydiving discipline within the ISC (International Skydiving Commission). The sport has its roots in mountain rescue operations, from back in the 1960’s, when not enough powerful helicopters could deliver rescuers to the tops of the mountains. To reach their victims, they  jumped in with PARACHUTES and then SKIED down the mountain.  As an example, to search for victims of avalanches. 

The Para-Ski competition is a combined event where the Competitor performs an Accuracy Landing onto a slope and as the second event they ski in a Giant Slalom, such as what you would see at the FIS World Cup.

The first FAI World Para-Ski Championships took place in SARAJEVO (Former Yugoslavia) in 1987 followed by a World Meet every two years.

The well-organized Para-Ski competition in APRICA 2023, which was the Final event of the World Cup Series for this season was finished with the full program on Sunday, April 2nd.   At its completion, the Medal Award Ceremony of the 18th FAI World Para-Ski Championships 2023 and the World Cup Series Aprica took place. See attached for results.

A huge thank you goes out to the Organizers who put in so much effort for the benefit of Para-Ski, as well as to all the Competitors and everyone involved for making this successful season possible. 

Michael Egger

View the results here:   Results, Aprica Italy