09 Jul 2018

20th FAI European Hang Gliding Class 1 Championship and 8th FAI World Hang Gliding Class 5 Championship started in Krushevo Macedonia.

For the second time in this century hang gliding pilots enjoy the outstanding hospitality of Krushevo for their FAI Category 1. The event will be held from 08 Jul to 21 Jul 2018. 125 pilots from 26 nations take part in the championships. The opening ceremony was held in the centre of the town. Participants were greeted by the major Tome Hristoski, meet director Goran Dimiskovshki and FAI Jury President Mitch Shipley.

The previous Claas 1 Europeans and Class 5 Words were also held in Krushevo in 2016. At that time Italian pilots took the podium in both individual (Cristian Ciech) and team Class 1 scoring categories. In Class 5  Tim Grabowski from Germany was the champion and Austria took the first place in Teams.
This year both acting champions are eager to defend their positions sending many experienced pilots again.

You can find the list of Class  1 participants on this page http://hgeu2018.mk/index.php/registr/class-1-european-championship

And Class 5 pilots here: http://hgeu2018.mk/index.php/registr/class-5-world-championship

The live tracking of the event is carried out by new 3G Flymaster Live trackers, provided by FAI CIVL. The links to the players are:

HG Europeans Class 1 Live tracking:
2D lt.flymaster.net/bs.php?grp=2149
2D/3D SPLIT beta livetrack360.com/livetracking/split/2149

HG Worlds Class 5 Live tracking
2D lt.flymaster.net/bs.php?grp=2391 
2D/3D SPLIT beta livetrack360.com/livetracking/split/2391

Preview of the split live tracking https://vimeo.com/279140974

As usual, we will keep you informed on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/fai.civl/ 
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