13 Jul 2006

9th Paragliding European Championship – Day 12

12th of July 2006 By midday all the pilots launched from Mont Chery for a 54,8 km task through 4 turnpoints and goal in Samoens. The start point opened at 13:00 so that all the pilots have the chance to complete their flights before the storms appear. Due to the quick development of thunderstorms in the area, the meet director decided to stop the task at 14:56, with 50 pilots already in goal.

The task Aljaz Valic (Slovenia), Luca Donini (Italy) and Christian Maurer (Switzerland) Women : Petra Krausova (Czech Republic), Ewa Wisnierska (Germany) and Karin Appenzeller (Switzerland) Nations: Switzerland, Slovenia and Czech Republic

Overall Luca Donini (Italy), Christian Maurer (Switzerland) and Thomas Brauner (Czech Republic) Women: Petra Krausova (Czech Republic), Ewa Wisnierska and Caroline Brille (France) Nations: Switzerland, Italy and Czech Republic

Complete results at http://www.ojovolador.com/press/