10 Jul 2024

2024 FAI F3K European Championship for Model Gliders in Włocławek - days One and Two

The 2024 FAI F3K European Championship for Model Gliders kicked off on Sunday in Włocławek, Poland with an exciting start, as model glider enthusiasts from across Europe gathered to witness and compete in this prestigious event. The competition will run until this Saturday 13 July.

Arijan Hucaljuk of Croatia and junior Leonard Bednarz of Germany are currently in the lead.

Models processing and opening ceremony

The processing of the models was held at the Włocławek airfield in a specially prepared hangar where two teams conducted the necessary checks. In parallel to the registration, the training session commenced, and competitors used every possible second to train and trim their models for best performance.

The opening ceremony was held at the Włocławek airfield, with all the teams present alongside city officials, and even several representatives from the local government and Parliament who had travelled to mark the occasion.

After the opening ceremony, several competitors used the remaining time for extra training, while others convened for the Team Managers’ meeting.

First and second competition days

The competition started in calm weather with a mild wind, as the 56 seniors and 13 juniors went off to fight for the most prestigious European title. The exceptional skill of the pilots and high-end design of the models show that the slightest mistake is highly penalised.

Each point holds a significant value. Aside from possessing top of the range equipment, competitors need have to have an exceptional "throwing hand" because every additional metre gained by the model glider during the throw translates to valuable seconds for their flight, enhancing their chances of finding favourable air currents.

As the competition is halfway through, the best seniors after the first nine rounds are :

Rank Name NAC Score
1 HUCALJUK, Arijan CRO 8000
2 KOENIG, Paul GER 8000
3 SIUMBRYS, Adas LTU 7995,5
4 DUSS, Cederic SUI 7988,9
5 MERLIJN, Vincent NED 7988,1
6 DAMJANOVIC, Marko CRO 7987,5
7 VERRIER, Jean Bernard FRA 7979
8 HEINLE, Philipp GER 7963,3
9 SVANTESSON, Soren SWE 7936
10 CESKEVICIUS, Laurynas LTU 7920,4
11 KRISTOF, Pavel CZE 7912,8
12 REZLER, Ondrej CZE 7907,7
13 JANAS, Cezary POL 7906,9
14 FLIXEDER, Bernhard AUT 7892,9
15 VERSCHOREN, Kristof BEL 7886
16 BRATRSOVSKY, Ivo CZE 7881,6
17 SCHLOEMMER, Klaus AUT 7876,4
18 COLLIN, Steeve FRA 7874,8
19 KUZNIETSOV, Boris UKR 7866
20 SANDER, Henri GER 7864,5
21 STERN, Michael GBR 7815,5
22 ROTTELEUR, Anthony FRA 7810,2
23 VATULA, Artem UKR 7792,9
24 FLOREK, Sebastian POL 7783,3
25 JAKOB, Olivier SUI 7768,5

The Junior standings currently are:

Rank Name NAC Score
1 BEDNARZ, Leonard GER 7806,2
2 STRUIK, Luuk NED 7770,8
3 PTASZEK, Mateusz POL 7732,3
4 BRUDERMANN, Luca AUT 7618,1
5 MUELLER, Johannes AUT 7252,1
6 WALCHER, Simon AUT 7170,2
7 BEHENSKY, Ondrej CZE 6963,2
8 CZECHURA, Franciszek POL 6834,2
9 MIKULA, Szymon POL 6826,1
10 STRAUSS, Julius GER 6723
11 SZEPFALVI, Aron HUN 6668,8
12 CSOMOS, Denes Vilmos HUN 6592,2
13 FEJER, Benedek HUN 5500,8

Credit top picture: Izabela Krawczyk