Acro World Tour

07 Aug 2018

AcroMax 2018: Final 7 AWT places up for grabs!

The Acro World Tour 2018 continues with the 3rd qualification stage being held August 11-15th in Italy’s AcroMax festival.

In the two previous stages - Norway’s ‘Vertigo Voss’ and the Italian ‘King of Brenta’ - international aerobatic paragliders took to the skies to show their incredible technical skills and impress the judges.

Seven pilots have already gained places to compete in the final of the Acro World Tour, to be held at the Sonchaux Airshow in Villeneuve (SUI) at the end of August.

During the AcroMax stage, pilots will battle to take the final seven places, in order to compete for the podium in Switzerland. There are also two ‘wild card’ places available.

Thrills and spills are guaranteed for the AcroMax audience, who will gather to watch these talented pilots defy gravity and try to make a precision landing on the platform in the Tre Comuni lake.


24 Jun - 27 Jun 2018 Vertigo Voss - Acro World Tour 2018 Voss, Bergen, NOR
17 Jul - 22 Jul 2018 King of Brenta - Acro World Tour 2018  Molveno, ITA
09 Aug - 15 Aug 2018 Acromax - Acro World Tour 2018 Trasaghis, Udine, ITA


24 Aug - 26 Aug 2018 Sonchaux Acroshow - Acro World Tour Finals 2018 Villeneuve, SUI

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Image: Laurent Merle