05 Jul 2022

Air Sports and the Environment: FAI Young Artists Contest 2023 Theme

The FAI is calling upon youngsters to consider the theme of "Air sports and the environment" for the 2023 Young Artists Contest, asking them to express how they envisage the role of aviation in protecting our planet. 

The contest was first launched in 1986. In the recently-awarded 2022 competition, winners of the national contests from nine countries were entered into the finals. Winning artworks came from Japan, USA, Poland, China and Lithuania.

Contestants in the 2023 competition are reminded that artists often take the lead in imagining a brighter future in the latest theme:

'Air Sports and the Environment'

The sense of liberty that pilots and air sports athletes feel when flying through the skies often comes hand-in-hand with a deep appreciation of the blue and green planet below. The beauty and fragility of our earth is simply more evident when viewed from above.

Aviation has always been at the forefront of technology and over the generations, those involved in aeronautics have felt an ever-increasing pressure to protect our planet. Aviators, now and in the future, have a responsibility to push forward the limits of human innovation and imagination to harness cleaner energy and minimise the impact of air sports on the earth and its atmosphere.

By letting your imagination fly, we want you, as a young artist, to explore the ways that air sports can interact harmoniously with our environment. Ask yourself, how can air sports help inspire others to protect our earth? Can you envisage how innovation and technology can use greener fuels to power aircraft? Can the natural wonders of the earth inspire the aviation of the future? How could aviation be involved in reducing, reusing and recycling?

Artists often take the lead in imagining a brighter future. It’s time to take your favourite art materials and try to conjure up a vision of how air sports of the future can help to keep our planet safe for the generations to come.


The competition is open to youngsters between the ages of six and 17. Each year young artists enter a national competition organised by the FAI Members. Winners from these contest are submitted to the final round of judging by FAI. FAI gold, silver and bronze medals and diplomas are presented to the top three artists in each of the three age categories which are as follows:

  • Group I - Junior Category (ages 6-9)
  • Group II - Intermediate Category (ages 10-13)
  • Group III - Senior Category (ages 13-17)

See rules and guidelines.

YAC 22 Intermediate winner Michelle LEE - USA
Intermediate category winner Michelle Lee (USA) interpreted the theme 'design your perfect aircraft' in the 2022 competition

Header image credit: Uwe Baumann