03 Sep 2008

Annual Report to FAI General Conference 2007-2008

During the last year the Commission’s time has been principally devoted to expanding and improving their proposals for World Air Games, Turin. The Delegates unanimously agreed to change the venue for the Plenary Meeting from the usual visit to Lausanne to Turin where the Commission was very well received by the City of Collegno and the World Air Games Organising Body. Their hospitality was outstanding. More importantly the close working relationship between all parties resulted in clear understanding and joint co-operation at an early stage. President of Honour Alfred-Pierre Herbert undertook duties as Liaison Officer particularly as he is fluent in Italian. This resulted in a complete understanding since the beginning. The proposal to host the next World Air Games in 2011, a two year cycle, has caused considerable problems in repsect to CIG’s next scheduled World Helicopter Championship programmed at the same time. The result may well be that our Championship will have to be cancelled and some other year considered. Moving helicopters around is extremely expensive. Any suggestion that two major event events can be held in the same twelve month period is not viable unless sponsors could be found to underwrite the transportation cost to and from an event. The Commission voted unanimously to award the Gold Rotorcraft Medal to Wolfgang Perplies of Germany who, for many years, has been Chairman of the Rules Committee and has participated as Chief Judge in many major helicopter events. His knowledge, patience, guidance and forward thinking contributed towards our decision. In the course of our discussions concerning the World Air Games agreement has been reached with the Turin University whereby 6 undergraduates have included, in their degree course, a module covering helicopters. Under the guidance of Professor Fulvia Quagliotti the candidates, a mixture of male and female, have been selected to commence a course under CIG’s supervision for training as FAI International Judges. To date under training supervision they have participated in a Championship in Italy, attended the International Judges Training School in Germany and have continued their training by participating in the 2008 World Helicopter Championship. This has proved to be a great success. This is the first time that a degree course has incorporated an element of aviation sports in its curriculum. CIG are proud to have achieved this and look forward to their formal qualification in June 2009 at the World Air Games. Following the decision taken at the General Conference last year CIG voted unanimously to opt for two year terms of office for its Bureau with immediate effect. I have the highest praise for First Vice Persident Konrad Geissler. Once again in 2008 he surpassed his previous skill at organising a World Championship. His dedication, knowledge and enthusiasm are second to none. Many of our Delegates are envious of his skills and proud that he never ceases to help others wherever possible. Second Vice President Irina Grouchina has taken over as CIG’s Chief Judge whilst our Secretary remains Chairman of the Rules Committee, a dedicated group who continue to consider further expanding our sport particularly in the media event field. It would also be appropriate for me to thank our Technical Adviser Hubert Gesang and our Website and Publicity Adviser Thilo Petry. The Bureau were re-elected unanimously by the Delegates. I express, on their behalf, appreciation for the honour that has been bestowed upon us by our peers. The Commission again has benefited from the administrative help, guidance and the contribution made to its smooth running by Max Bishop, Secretary General together with all our friends and colleagues in Lausanne to whom we are extremely grateful. As the Commission Plenary Meeting was in Turin we were unable to continue our annual tradition of inviting the FAI Staff to join us. Rest assured we return to Lausanne in February 2009 to make amends. David Hamilton President