22 May 2020

Application Deadlines and Frozen  WPRS Devaluation

CIVL Bureau has assessed the current situation of our Category 2 competitions.

Though many countries have allowed sports activities in the open air, it may not be possible to plan long ahead due to the unpredictable character of the pandemic and to other government measures. Many states have introduced restrictions to prevent tourism or ban international flights.

These conditions have drastically reduced the possibility of international participation, limiting events – if any – to local pilots or to those who can travel by car.

Hence, in order to encourage safe, fair and satisfying competitions in these exceptional circumstances, the CIVL Bureau has decided that

  • The WPRS devaluation factor has been frozen on April 1 and will remain so until further notice.
  • The deadline to publish events on the FAI calendar is reduced to 15 days. Such event will not be considered as fully sanctioned FAI International Event, but the CIVL will include it in its WPRS as allowed by Section 7 of the Sporting Code.
  • According to an earlier decision, it is possible to postpone already sanctioned events at any time.
Credits: Photo by Mille Sanders on Unsplash