17th FAI World Para-Ski Championships


Czech Republic
27 Feb
02 Mar 2019
03 Mar 2019

Award Ceremony

The 17th FAI World Paraski Championships have finished. The award ceremony and the party were great and really impressive.

Presenting your official medal winners who were standing on the podium and listening to the anthems of the nation of gold medalists.




1) Magda Schwertl/ AUT, 6 points
2) Christina Franz/SUI, 57 points
3) Julia Schosser/ AUT, 109 points



1) Sebastian Graser/AUT, 9 points
2) Alexey Burenin/ RUS, 31 points
3) Thomas Saurer/ SUI, 38 points



1) Sebastian Graser/AUT, 9 points
2) Ivan Gusikhin/ RUS, 47 points
3) Manuel Sulzbacher/ AUT,  59 points



1) Thomas Saurer/ SUI, 26 points
2) Anton Gruber/AUT, 29 points
3) Marco Valente/ ITA, 44 points



1) Austria 1, (Graser, Sulzbacher, Gruber, Alic)  180 points
2) Russia 1 (Borovik, Filippov, Bikmetov, Burenin) 311 points
3) Czech Republic 1 (Palo, Bednar, Tarsinsky, Rataj) 335 points



1) Austria Female (Schwertl, Schosser)  115 points
2) Switzerland Female (Franz, Lutz) 264 points
3) Czech Republic Female (Mynarova, Bursova) 431 points


CONGRATULATIONS to all the competitors, judges and organizers who were part of these events!


Link for the video of the last competition day - https://www.airzone.tv/para-ski-2019-day4/

You can find more pictures here - https://hartanet.rajce.idnes.cz/PARA-SKI_vyhlaseni_vitezu_2019

Thanks must go to Gernot Rittenschober, author of the daily reports and Maria Roznatovskaya for compiling the pages and the various photographers who contributed their work as well.