06 Feb 2019

Brazil will host 2020 Pan-American Paragliding Championship

Two countries competed to host 4th FAI Pan-American Paragliding Championship in 2020.

  • The bid of Baixo Guandu, Brazil was presented by Thomas Milko NAC of Brazil.
  • The bid of Guayaquil, Ecuador, was presented by Josua Coronel Event organizer. Questions on take off, budget and live tracking were asked.

A secret vote was requested.  Plenary agreed to define the winner with the principle of plurality. The absolute majority voted in favour of Brazil.

The main advantages were:

  • Proven launch area for numerous PWC and FAI1 Event
  • No Airspace restrictions for NOTAM
  • Full city support for infrastructure
  • Experienced Team (Marcelo Rattis and Frank Brown)
  • Safety