04 May 2024

Bulletin 1 - World Championships, Beaufort NC, USA

Bulletin 1 - World Championships in Beaufort, NC

Bulletin 1 for the World Championships in Beaufort, North Carolina, USA has been published.

The 2024 World Championships of Formation Skydiving, Artistic Events, Wingsuit Flying and Speed Skydiving will be held in the beautiful resort area of Beaufort, North Carolina, USA from October 5-11, 2024.   Skydive Chicago and Skydive Paraclete XP, the organisers of this event have chosen Beaufort as the site of the Competition as it is one of the most beautiful areas in the country.   Crystal Coast Skydiving in Beaufort is the host of the Competition.

Preliminary registration must be received by 22 July 2024 and final registration and payment must be received by 22 August 2024 at the latest. 

The Bulletin can be found here:   Bulletin 1 - World Championships, Beaufort, NC, USA    or on the ISC Website:   ISC Events Calendar