26 Aug 2019

CCC requirements to be revisited

After discussion during and after the World Championships, the CIVL Bureau has disbanded the CCC 2016 Working Group. A new CCC 2020 Working Group has been implemented.

Since September 2015, the CCC 2016 Working Group had been working well. Participants have been thanked for their involvement, work and dedication. Recently though, the ambience degraded to the point of making impossible further discussion.

A new smaller CCC 2020 Working Group has been implemented. The chosen members all worked regularly in the previous working group. CIVL Bureau members are part of it.

The CCC 2020 WG is tasked to state clearly what has always been the intention of the CCC scheme. Then it will define how to transform these intentions into a better reality. The proposals of the WG will be shared will all manufacturers, test houses and members of the CIVL Paragliding Committee. Sufficient time will be given for comments and modifications. Then the adjusted proposals will be pushed by the CIVL Bureau to the 2020 Plenary.

In consideration of Triple Seven’s request to have access to CCC gliders full documentation, the CIVL Bureau answers the following. Publication of documentation and free availability of all information to anyone is not a requirement of the current Section 7G. In fact, free availability could be seen as a disclosure of confidential commercial information. This is an issue that the new WG will have to deal with.

In consideration of Triple Seven’s request to have an explanation on the strength of the weak link in load tests, the new WG will be requested to provide this explanation.