09 May 2017

CIAM Flyer (02-2017) - Small-Scale Lindbergh 2003, Maynard Hill’s transatlantic flight

In 2002, after a gruelling 4-year marathon of hard work, retired Johns Hopkins University metallurgist Maynard Luther Hill began the attempts at crossing the Atlantic with his model aeroplane. On 9th August 2003 "TAM 5" took off in Newfoundland and, 38 hours, 52 minutes and 19 seconds later, reached Ireland near Mannin Beach.

Still an issue

Crossing the world's oceans with model aircraft has remained an interesting challenge for ambitious and qualified model designers and builders. Even universities seem to find it worthy of funding and research, although these days aircraft are more likely to be solar-powered and the goal has long since been achieved by Piccard and Boschberg, when they circumnavigated the world with their manned solar-powered aeroplane.

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