28 Oct 2020

CIVL Events in 2020, 2021 and Further

2020 has been a slow year. All our Cat 1s have been postponed or cancelled. Most Cat 2s have been postponed or cancelled. Competition flying is back, but Covid-19 is unpredictable, some first waves are still rolling and some second waves are getting stronger.

There is no way to anticipate what will happen in 2021. We will take it as it comes and rely on national federations to issue the rules on their territory very much like we did in 2020.


2021 Championships

We have four confirmed World championships in 2021

  • April 18 to 27: HG XC Class Sport in Groveland, USA
  • May 22 to June 5: PG XC in Chamoussey, France
  • July 18 to 31: HG XC in Krushevo, N. Macedonia
  • October 7 to 16: PG Accuracy in Prilep, N. Macedonia
  • Date to be defined: PG Aerobatic in Trasaghis, Italy


Only the PG Aerobatic had a proper and well-run test event in 2019. No special requirement is needed for the 2020 postponed event to take place in 2021.


The test events for the PG XC, HG XC and PG Accuracy were cancelled. The CIVL Bureau has the authority to allow a championship without a test event (Section 7 Common 2.4.5). The Bureau has decided to do so but will request the following:

  • The championships must be preceded by official training days
  • Each competition will define in its local regulations, to be published six months before the event with the CIVL Bureau approval, the training days specifics.


As a principle

  • There should be no less than 3 training days
  • The CIVL Stewards will be present
  • Safety and weather briefing will be available
  • Transportation to take-off will be available
  • Assistance at take-off will be available, including first-aid personal
  • In XC, live trackers will be available
  • In Accuracy, a target will be available
  • Services may come at a cost


The aim is

  • To test the organisation
  • To allow pilots to get familiar with the sites in a secured environment


2022 Championships


These will take part at dates to be confirmed.

  • PG XC Pan-American in Governador Valadares, Brazil
  • PG XC European in Pantelej-Nis, Serbia
  • PG Accuracy in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan
  • PG Accuracy European in Sibiu, Romania
  • HG XC European Class 1 in Monte Cucco, Italy
  • HG XC Pan American Class 1 in Big Spring, USA

Test events were run, except for the PG XC Pan-American.

No new test-events will be required, although organisers might organise some in 2021. The PG XC organisers are planning to do one in Nish on July 23-31.


The following 2022 championships are still open. Bids should be received before December 1, 2020.

  • PG XC Asian Oceanic
  • HG XC Class 1 Women, Class 2 and 5


2023 World Championships


Bids are open in all disciplines and should be received before December 1, 2020.



If any 2021 World Championship is cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the organiser will be offered to organise the 2023 championship. The organiser will have to commit at the same time as the 2021 cancellation will be decided.

Such postponed championships will have the priority over the bids approved by 2021 plenary.

In other words, bidders for 2023 World championships should be aware that if the 2021 championships are postponed to 2023, their successful bids will be cancelled.