24 Feb 2018

CIVL Plenary 2018 - What's Up With Our Budget?


From the provisional accounts in 2017, it would appear at first sight that CIVL as an FAI Commission has exceeded its projected budget, by almost €10k. This is accounted for by achieving more income than projected (approx. £4.7k) and spending less than anticipated (approx. €5.3k). From the provisional end of year figures, this suggests that we achieved an overall revenue of some €20.6k increasing the CIVL ASC Special Reserve Account from €174k to €194k. However, there are still some outstanding liabilities/accruals where there are some outstanding accounts due to recently received belated bills from the previous CIVL competition coordinator and some CIVL official expenses that amount to approximately €10k.

The provisional 2017 summary accounts are shown at Annexe 8b with the breakdown of income and expenditure.

Please be aware that the Annexe 8b is presented in the FAI accounting format whereas the Treasurer’s presentation (Annexe 8c)is simplified with the breakdown reflecting the prime factors which CIVL considered most appropriate.


The budget for 2018 was set pessimistically with a deficit balance of some €8.5k; this is accounted for with an income of €54.2k and an expenditure of €62.8k. However, whilst this projection has been achieved using base-up ‘clinical’ and historical analysis, including what appears to be ‘flattening’ trend lines, we are quietly confident that we should exceed that projected overall income.

Part of the projected increase in budget expenditure from overall years, was where it was expected that we would have additional CIVL administrative support consultancy services, as well as our in‑house competition coordinator, however, we have parted with the latter and the roles of Coordinator and Administrator have been rolled into one function.

In addition to the budget shown, there is now a provision where CIVL is investing in some capital equipment to promote the progress and support of all competition disciplines in the form of some flight trackers for XC (€17k), a PG accuracy target (€10k) and an aerobatics raft (€1k). Funding for this will be accounted from the ASC special reserve account. This expenditure will need to be approved by FAI Head Office to comply with current accounting and signatory procedures.


A budget will be required for 2019, which will be forwarded to the FAI for inclusion in the‘roll‑up’ of their overall accounts. This is currently being compiled, but the first draft is attached at Annexe 8b.

Obviously, revenue is very important to both CIVL and the FAI that enables both to function. Currently, the majority of the CIVL income comes from Cat 2 event sanction fees, but these comprise a large number of unpredictable ‘small’ amounts, which in turn then involves a considerable amount of administration at FAI Head Office and CIVL. The main challenge that we have is that every event has a different sanction fee based on a single competition entry fee, so there is no consistency. Looking ahead, I intend to review this year (2018) the makeup of the fees with (possibly) a Bureau proposal next year to construct a more simple,‘sliding-scale’ structure of fees in order to make our income more robust and that reflects more the size of the event (number of competitors). At the same time, I am acutely conscious that we should encourage rather than suppress the organisation of those grassroots competitions.

Everything about what’s up in our coffers, from 2017 to 2019

Annex 8a - Report Treasurer

Annex 8b - Budget Treasurer

Annex 8c - Presentation Treasurer

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