07 Mar 2023

CIVL Plenary 2023 – A first report

The 2023 CIVL Plenary took part in Porto, Portugal, on March 2 and 3 (open meetings), and 4 and 5 (formal sessions). Twenty-six nations were physically represented by 37 delegates, alternate delegates, and observers. Representatives of eighteen nations followed the plenary online, including 9 delegates, as well as alternate delegates, observers, and CIVL working group members. Were also in Porto 10 Bureau members and Committee Chairs, the FAI President, a representative of the FAI Medical Commission, and observers from AFA and EHPU.

The plenary went through 22 reports, 36 proposals, 9 bids, and 9 award nominations. It elected a new CIVL Bureau and Committee Chairs. Finally, the Bureau appointed Officers.

These 2024 championships were awarded:

  • European Paragliding Accuracy to Gjirokaster, Albania
  • Pan-American Paragliding XC to Andradas-Minas Gerais, Brazil

These 2025 championships were awarded

  • World Paragliding XC to Andradas-Minas Gerais, Brazil
  • World Paragliding Accuracy in Alanya-Antalya, Turkey
  • World Hang Gliding Class 1, 5 and Women to Ager, Spain
  • World Hang Gliding Class Sport to Laveno- Mombello, Italy


CIVL Bureau members:

  • President: Bill Hughes (USA).
  • 1st Vice President: Igor Erzen (SLO)
  • Vice-Presidents: Goran Dimishkovski (MKD), Cristiano Pereira (POR), Zeljko Ovuka (SER), Jamie Shelden (USA)
  • Secretaries are Stephane Malbos (FRA) and Andy Cowley (GBR) for finances

CIVL Committee Chairs:

  • HG: Jamie Shelden (USA)
  • PG XC: Cristiano Pereira (POR)
  • PG Accuracy: Martin Jovanoski (MKD) and Kamil Konecny (CZE)
  • PG Aerobatic: Théo de Blic (FRA) and Alexandra Grillmayer (HUN)

CIVL Appointed Officers:

  • Communication: Elena Filonova
  • Environment: Thomas Senac
  • Hike & Fly: Thomas Senac
  • Jury & Stewards: Jamie Shelden
  • Live-Tracker: Elena Filonova
  • NACs Liaison: Zeljko Ovuka
  • Records & Badges: Igor Erzen
  • Safety: Fabio Loro
  • Software: Igor Erzen


The next plenary will be in late February or early March 2024 in Mungyeong, South Korea.


More news soon!