01 Sep 2018

Closing Ceremony and "Thank You" to Jump-Tandem DZ Prostejov, Czech Republic

Friday evening 31st August 2018

All the results will be published immediately approved by the Chief Judge on this link :  WWFC 2018

Watch the daily broadcasts live from Prostejov 10.00 :  14.00 :  18.00 on  Facebook : jump-tandem/dropzone prostejov

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Dance Troop

Following a dance display by the young troop that performed at the opening ceremony and short speechs from the Deputy Minister for this region of the Czech Rupublic, from Martin, Meet Director and Susan Dixon, IPC Bureau Member we moved quickly onto the presentation of the medals to our new World Champions and the silver and bronze medalists.  However before those presentations were made the Performance Fliers who were placed 4 - 10 were called foward to receive their Diplomas.

Diploma presentation

4 Joe Ridler,USA - 5 Alexey Galda, USA - 6 Luke Rogers, AUS - 7 Travis Mickle, USA - 8 Aleksei Shatilov, RUS - 9 Fons van den Boom, NED -

10 (joint) Ola Johansson, SWE and Amber Forte NOR

Performance Flying Medal Winners

Chris Geiler, USA - Silver Medal   -     Espen Fadnes, NOR - WORLD CHAMPION   -    Dmitry Podoryashy, RUS - Bronze Medal

Performance Wingsuit Flying

We then moved to the presentation of the Diplomas to the two teams placed 4th and 5th in the Acrobatic Wingsuit Flying event, Finland and United Kingdom.   Martin apologised but he had not received the actual diplomas from the FAI so was unable to actually pesent them - they would be 'in the post'.

Acrobatic Wingsuit Flying Diplomas

4th Finland - 5th United Kingdom

We then came to the podium presentation of the new World Champions of Acrobatic Wingsuit Flying teams - Russia 1 were the new World Champions with a total score of 297.29 points - theirs had been an outstanding performance and exhibition of Acrobatic Wingsuit Flying.  All the videos of all the performances would be on the IPC You-Tube site within the coming week.  You will also find them on the jump-tandem/dropzone prostejov Facebook page with some super commentary.  Silver Medal went to the USA team and Bronze to Russia 2 - the two teams had been in a very close competition with each other througout with the USA storming the last round:  total final points 277.57 and 272.86 - not much between them.

(It was a difficult stage to photograph and my photographer did not get a usable picture of the actual podium, I am appealing to anyone who has to send it to me via the FAI - and they will be credited, thank you in advance).  Thank you also to Yves Letourner who provided many pictures over the days to help me being these stories to you.

Acrobatic Wingdsuit Flying podium

Silver Medal - USA  -  World Champions & Gold Medal - Russia 1  -  Bronze Medal - Russia 2

There then followed the playing of the FAI Anthem, formal ending of the competiton, lowering of the FAI Flag and Martin passing it to Susan of the FAI for the next Organiser of a Wingsuit Flying World Cup or World Championships.  At the moment there is no bidder for a 2019 World Cup of Wingsuit Flying but of course it will be a World Championships as part of the Mondial to be held in Tanay, Russia 2020.

The evening then continued with a very nice buffet meal, czech beer and a live band and a great evening was had by all - which included the firework display at 21.00 hrs.

All the speeches had concentrated on thanking Martin Dlouhy and his team at Jump-Tandem DZ for all their work to give us such a successful World Championships, along with the Judges, Jury, FAI officials, Pilots and Brian Burke (Assistant to the Meet Director) whoes calm clear voice kept everyone on the dropzone informed on timings / release / stand by and why.   I add my thanks for all the help I received to make my job of reporting easier as well.