01 Sep 2023

Congratulations, Jakub Dziedziak (Poland) for his gold medal finish at the 6th FAI Junior World Championship!

The weather cooperated and they used every possible slot during the competition.  A record number of tasks were called as the week was finished with 40 tasks total.

Top ranking pilots were close to each other in points during the week.   The #1 slot changed multiple times during the competition. We didn’t know who had won until after results posted for the last flight.

Gold medal    : Jakub Dziedziak (Poland)
Silver medal    : Paul Cuenot (France)
Bronze medal    : Daniel Gregory (Great Britain)

Full Results can be found at WatchMeFly

Appreciation also to :

We would also like to thank  Dominic Bareford and Thomas Hook and their team for their fantastic videos, posts and live streaming which made this event more enjoyable for viewers around the world.
You can see their videos on FAI YouTube channel

Congratulations to all the participants and to the organizer in Grudziadz for this fantastic show!