13 Oct 2021

Czech raises to the second place, Korea leading at PGA Worlds 2021

The sixth competition day of the 11th FAI World Paragliding Accuracy Championship gave us the chance to finish round 3 and start round 4. If tomorrow the weather allows accomplishing round 1 or 4, the championship will become valid with 3 rounds run. Everyone is awaiting the weather forecast with a thrill.

The leader in the Overall category is a Korean pilot Seungil Ahn, who has made 2 zeros in 2 scored rounds. He is followed by Czech pilots Vlastimil Vachtl and Radek Vaclavik with 3 points each. The fourth place in Overall is occupied by a female pilot from the Czech Republic as well, Marketa Holubova Tomaskova by hitting 1 cm in the 3d round climbed the first in Female together with Korean pilotess Dagyeom Lee. The other 3 pilots in fourth place are Almas Akhmetov (Kazakhstan), Ivan Zvezdin (NAC Russia) and one of the legends of the sport - Matjaž Ferarič (Slovenia). The third place in Female belongs to Albanian pilot Lorina Haxhiaj. The Famous Korean sisters Eunyoung Cho and Soyoung Cho (the defending champion) are 4th and 5th respectively. 

If you look at the Overall results comparing the two scored rounds you will notice an interesting fact that many pilots who had excellent results in round 2 failed in round 3 and vice versa. The reason for this can be of course psychological as well as meteologic. Today the conditions differed from the previous day with a stronger wind. But top 30 pilots in the ranking demonstrated steadiness in achieving the goal. No wonder that the Team result after round 3 showed South Korea as no 1,  Czech Republic - 2 and Slovenia 3. Teams of NAC of Russia and Poland moved down the ranking and teams of Colombia, Kazakhstan and North Macedonia went up.

Today round 4 was stopped at about 5 p.m. due to rain, but more than three fourth of the competitors managed to make flights. So just a little bit more flyable weather and the third round can be scored. Keeping fingers crossed for the better tomorrow.

All results can be found by this link.

Stay tuned!