24 Aug 2018

Day 1: Arrival Day in Erden, Bulgaria

Friday 24 August 2018:   In the Bulletin, today is classed as Arrival Day for the Delegations, even though the majority of the competitiors are already here packing in the practice jumps. In fact yesterday saw 42 loads from the Antonov aircraft and the competition doesn't start until tomorrow!

Yesterday was also a testing day of travel for 2/3rds of the Jury who were subjected to a number of delays including the might of a high speed train halted in its tracks by a wayward young deer, a plane leaving ahead of schedule, a mini-tour of Europe oh and lost luggage. No problems with the weather though!

As with all first days in World Meets, it's time to renew friendships and swap stories.

I must also mention that the photo at the top of this page was taken by the talented photographer Carsten Thiel who risked life, limb and lens to get this fabulous shot!

Competitors continued to make practice jumps throughout the day but some high winds curtailed jumping for a couple or three hours, but was resumed late in the afternoon.

This evening's Team Leaders' Meeting, hosted by Angel Staminov, the Meet Director, together wth his daughter Vesela, covered many aspects relating to the World Championships. Starting with a roll-call of attending countries, Vesela went on to introduce the various officials and assistants detailing their respective roles. She continued by outlining, with the aid of aerial photographs of the DZ, facets relating to the manifest area, emplaning points, location of TV screens, where to find official information as well as the all-important results/placings. Safety points were emphasised both by Vesela and the Chief Pilot.

The Meet Director confirmed that the Jury were satisfied with preparations for the start of the Championships and had signed the IPC Jury Notice 1 accordingly.

Wheels off at 07.00hrs tomorrow morning will see the start of the World Championships which are planned to start with Female and Junor Female Accuracy, alongside Male and Junior Male Style.  Jumping will cease at 14.00hrs in preparation for the Opening Ceremony scheduled for 18.00hrs in Montana city.








Photo Credit: Carsten Thiel