03 Jul 2018

Day 1 - Practice Day in Wroclaw

3rd July - Official start of the competition

At 19.30 this evening the Opening Ceremony will mark the official start of the competition - at the moment it is Practice time for the three 'classic' disciplines. This is for those competitors that wish to make practice jumps with initially the Accuracy course set up, but all three courses available.  Freestyle practice is scheded for Friday when their World Champiomnship starts.

Regan Tetlow is here and will be commentating live throughout the competition, for the local TV and spectators.

Meanwhile meetings are taking place as the organisation finalises all the finer points on what promises to be a great World Championships. Having hosted the World Games here last year and the practice the year before, this is a tried and tested operation.  The medals have arrived and the organiser let us have a sneek preview of them - they look good.

GB competitor practice 1Accuracy practice - GB2Accuracy practice - GB3