29 Aug 2018

Day 3 - Competition Day

Tuesday 29 August 2018

All the results will be published immediately approved by the Chief Judge on this link :  WWFC 2018

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Regan - Live Broadcast 10.00 - 29.08,2018

Regan - Live Broadcast 10.00 - 29.08,2018

07.30 hrs:  Wheels off start this morning with the first load of Performance Flying Round 2 of the Speed task.  The aim for today is to try and complete all tasks for round 2 of Performance Flying and 3 rounds of Acrobatic Flying starting with Round 4 a free routine then moving to the compulsory sequence Round 5 consisting of C - "Revolutions" / D - "Roll Over".  The sun is shining with a cloudless blue sky and the atmosphere on the drop zone is great.  Everyone is settled into their tasks and the routine of competition is becoming comfortable.

11.45 hrs:  Following a technical meeting called by the Chief Judge and Meet Director to explain the reason for the jump order and why it was not rotating other then within each aircraft load.  In other words, the first lift of a round/task would always be in the same order.  There had been complaints from some competitors to being on the first load each day and the decision had been taken to explain how the rules were applied at a World Championships.  This communication effort was appreciated by the competitors.

Buzz Bennett was also able to announce the posting of the results for the end of Round 2 of the Dynamic Flying Speed Task.

Helmet duty

;;Yves Letourner (Judge) : Buzz Bennett (Chief Judge) : Liam Mcnulty (FAI Controller)

17.16 hrs:   It has been a steady day today with (so far) none of the dramatic events of yesterday except for the cut-away this morning, but all was recoverd and no problems.  As the Acrobatic Flying event progresses there is a good competition developing at the to of the table.  The plan still is to complete the Distance task which will give 2 complete rounds for Performance Flying and Round 6 of Acrobatic Flying.

Video Dubbing Station

Video Dubbing Station

Judging Acrobatic

Acrobatic Flying Judging Panel : Yves Letourner - Rina Gallo - Neil Fergie - Steve Hubbard - Bert Ham - Vera Asquith (EJ)

Close Scoring

Close Scoring

The rules call for random weight checks and so today the Chief Judge and FAI Controller have been carrying them out with no problems arising.