31 Aug 2018

Day 5 - Last Day of Competition

Friday 31 August 2018

All the results will be published immediately approved by the Chief Judge on this link :  WWFC 2018

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Wheels off at 7.30 with the completion of the 3rd Time task and the Acrobatic Flying teams for their last round jump.

Whilst they were in the air - on the ground the Jury received their third protest of this competition, this time from the USA delegation.  The protest related to the fact that a competitor missed his call for the last lift yesterday, but because the aircraft landed with some competitors on board and another call was made for a subsequent load,  a discretionary decision was made to allow him to be included on the manifest.    This did not follow the rule in SC. S5 6.1.1 and 6.1.3. and the USA felt they had to protest.  The Jury upheld the protest - but this was an emotionally difficult decision as the competitor involved had made his jump, felt he had been given a lifeline after his mistake, and was devastated to find that he still received a '0' score for that jump.

9.35  The Acrobatic Flying competition has completed, the results have been finalised, signed off by the Chief Judge and Jury President.  Congratulations to the Russia 1 Team.

Russia 1

Sergey Burmenkov - Dmitry Fisanov - Mikhail Shumakov

World Champions - Russia 1 - Acrobatic Flying Team

10.15  Brian Burke announced that jumping would end at 15.00 to which the 2 hours to allow for protest was added and the competition would end by 17.00 hours.  The prize giving and banquet will take place this evening at the Tennis Club Hotel in Prostejov this evening at 19.00 hrs.

10.47  5 minute call for the last lift of the competition - at the enplaining point the Russians were there to support their competitor currently standing in second place - the end of an excellently run competition.  Our meet director Martin is also out at the emplaining point to see this load off.

Russians suppiort their competitor

12.10  Buzz Bennett announces that the final results for the final round of the Performance Flying competition are published.  Barring any protest Congratulations goes to Espen Fadnes NOR our new World Champion with a total of 281.5 points - second is Chris Geiler, USA on 278.4 points - Dmitry Podoryasky RUS with 278.3 points and in third place. (How close can you get!)

Espen Fadnes NOR

World Champion 2018 Wingsuit Performance Flying - Espen Fadnes (Norway)

Whilst we wait the regulation two hours the opportunity was taken to take photographs, prepare reports.  In total 805 jumps were made including Official Training Jumps and rejumps; there were 2 cutaways.

Panel of Judges

Vera, Rina, Yves, Neil, Michael, Buzz, Steve, Bert, Denis, Ted - Judges Panel

All Competitors

2nd FAI World Wingsuit Flying Championships - Prostejov 2018