2nd FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Flying


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07 Nov 2017

Distance, Speed, Time

Tuesday, 7th November 2017

7.15 am first call this morning for the final task to complete Round 2 of the Performance Wingsuit Flying competition.  This is the 'time' task.  

The Caravan, from Elsinore, is being flown by John Fuller (Juice) who according to the competitors is doing a great job and has impressed all with his good run ins and understanding of their requirements.   We may be in the middle of the desert here - but it is a suprisingly busy in terms of airtraffic.   He is in touch with the International airport at Las Vegas as well as two other DZ's in the area plus military flying, and he copes with all that - communicating with the facilitator at the back of the aircraft and the MD on the ground and so he understands what the competitors are coping with, he also wears a Flightsight. 

The Pilot

Yesterday we had the news that all the Trainee Judges on the course being run here by Randy Connell had passed, congratulations to

Vera Asquith. CANWingsuit Flying Training Judges
Ulla Maersk.   DEN
Mike Pennock. NED
Neil Fergie.  AUS
Steve Hubbard.  USA
Alexandra Hubbard.  USA
Stephan Kramer.  USA
Paul Washak.  USA
Bert Ham. NED






Records still continue to fall, as at the close of competition yesterday we have a new World Champion in Speed - Trevis Mickle (USA) with 325.4 km/h which is also a North American Continental record.  Amber Forte (CAN) broke her own World Champion record in Speed with  283.7 km/h, also a new European Continental record. 

Stacey Meisner (CAN) also broke her new Female Speed record with a speed of 267.1 km/h creating another new North American Continental Record.

Marcelo Zoni (BRA) added a new Speed record to his Distance Record and then broke it with a faster speed on his second run of 85.3 sec. thus creating a South American Continental Record.   Luke Rogers (AUS) broke the Distance record on his first run, and then again on his second with a total distance of 4.654 km/h giving us a new Oceanic Continental record;  whilst his fellow Australian Chris Byrnes broke the Oceanic Continental Speed record with a flight of 314.6 km/h.  Asian records continue to fall with Udit Thepor (IND) breaking the South Asian Time record with 81.9 sec, whilst Rameshwer Jangra added the South Asian Speed Record to his collecttion from this competition with a 284.4 km/h run. 

Sammy has prepared a short video for the records:

4.00 pm the final flight of the competition is made - and the 2nd World Cup of Wingsuit Flying is oevr.  The competitors will not be released utiil 6.00 pm to give time for the judges to make their final assessments and confirrmation of the scores.  The provisional position is that Chris Geiler (USA) has retained his top place in the Wingsuit Flying world with the Gold Medal, Alexey Galda (USA) in Silver and Travis Mickle (USA), Bronze.

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