12 Nov 2013

Doping: out-of-competition testing for CIVL pilots

The World Anti-Doping Code was adopted in Copenhagen in March 2003. It was drafted by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) in consultation with governments, national sports bodies, international sports federations and the International Olympic Committee.

The Code has since been adopted by most of the governments of countries where major FAI events are commonly held. A United Nations agency (UNESCO) has developed an international agreement, the effect of which is to make the WADA Code automatically applicable in all UN member countries.

Many international sports federations have also accepted the Code, including FAI in October 2003. By accepting the Code, FAI has agreed to develop rules and procedures that will give effect to the WADA anti-doping provisions.

In May 2012, we published on our website this "News"…

"FAI, an international federation, endorsed the World Anti-Doping Code in 2003. CIVL reminds pilots competing in FAI Category 1 and 2 events that they must comply to the said Code. You will find more details on the code and procedures on FAI website.

CIVL underlines:

The necessity for pilots in need of medication to check the forbidden products list  and, if necessary, make use of the Therapeutic Use Exemptions (TUEs).

The specificity of certain recreational drugs that can be detected weeks after they have been absorbed.

The risk of anti-doping control in FAI sanctioned competitions.

The likely severity of sanctions in case of a failed test.

FAI competitors now are also liable to out-of-competition testing."

Lately, CIVL has been asked to select 4 pilots among its ranked “top 100”, to be part of the out-of-competition scheme for one year.

CIVL Bureau decided to build a database including the top 100 paragliding XC pilots. In other disciplines the "top 100" were scaled down according to the percentage of total pilots in their particular WPRS compared to the PG-XC WPRS. Were added in the data base 50 pilots from Hang Gliding Class 1, 5 and Sport, Paragliding Accuracy and Aerobatics. A computer random selection was run by CIVL using these 150 names. 4 names were send to FAI. FAI will choose 2 of them.

FAI is not doing the testing or deciding when to do it. FAI gives the chosen one its support to make the ordeal as bearable as possible.

FAI and CIVL do not make the names public.