Acro World Tour

05 May 2019

Enjoy the excitement of the Acro World Tour 2018 with our new highlights video

Like paragliding? Love acro? Watch eventual winner Horacio Llorens and the other competitors pull out their best moves for the 2018 edition of the Acro World Tour in this brand new highlights video! 

Combining skill, athleticism, and daredevil bravery, acro paragliding is one of the most exciting FAI disciplines to witness - especially when it's being done by the best pilots in the world.

The Acro World Tour 2018 attracted many of these world-class paragliding pilots - including France's Théo De Blic and Rafael Goberna of Brazil, who joined Spanish competitor Llorens on the overall podium.

It consisted of three qualification events in Norway and Italy between June and August, plus a climactic final event in Switzerland at the end of August, where pilots performed in front of the 25,000 strong crowds at the Sonchaux Acroshow, the world's biggest aerobatic free flight event.

Photo credit: FAI/Marcus King